Here is the
most common differences
between Symbian
applications and Android
applications in phones.
The Google generated
Android software is the
most sought out software
for smartphones. You can
find most of the Nokia
smartphones with Symbian
Have you visited your
mobile phone dealers
several times but are still
confused about which
smartphone to buy between
Symbian and Android
applications which are
actually very famous among
the smartphone users. But
now, with the fully equipped
Android applications doing
great in the market, the
craze for Symbian
applications have come
down a little because of the
following reasons:
Android Advantages
Android applications are
user friendly.
Android for phones have
a biggest advantage of
keeping the widgets in
the home screen itself.
Andriod holds over
180,000 applications in
its store. Thus it
provides a huge array of
Android applications to
the smartphone users.
Android applications are
widely supportive
while installing custom
Using the Android
applications is easy and
one can quickly
customize the
Symbian Advantages
The biggest advantage
of Symbian software is
that it wholly facilitates
the usage of all
applications in your
smartphone with ease.
With Symbian software,
Gmail access becomes
fast and very simple!
Android allows
multitasking but only to
its native application. But
Symbian software
enables multitasking
better than Android as it
offers it for all types of
Symbian Applications.
One impressive feature
Symbian users have
always enjoyed is that
Symbian is more of phone
priority software. The
phone aspects of Android
don’t really work that
great, and can be
confusing at times.
Symbian is just awesome
for using applications like
FM, waze, and also for
social networking.
For any music lover,
Symbian software is the
best choice as it
provides good quality
music compared to
Symbian applications are
easy to shut down when
compared to Android
application which will take
you several minutes to
close and shut down.
Operating system:Both1.
have got awesome
operating system but the
thing is that you can
upgrade an android
phone ,but you can never
upgrade a symbian phone,
all you have to do is go for
a new phone.You can
upgrade android 1.6 to 2.1
android version but its
impossible to upgrade
s60v3 to s6ov5.Android vs
Symbian -Android Wins !
2.Appearance:An android
platform provides a better
looking appearance the the
old symbian os
platform,though in both the
cases new themes can be
installed.Android phones
have got a modern look
with a drop down.You will
not be able to change the
menu style ,the way your
videos look and music
library looks and how your
notes and documents and
messages, mms, and phone
book looks the way your
browser and file manager
looks in a Symbian
Phone.But all this is
possible in a android phone
where you can do little
shuffle by removing your
default file browser and
downloading and installing
new file browser.Android vs
Symbian -Android Wins !
computing power of Android
smart phones more than
Symbian because the
Android newer and more
powerful processes with a
frequency of 1 GHz (with
Symbian to 680 MR). Android
has greater screen
resolution! This means that
more than the display. So,
for example, the Android-
Smartphone is much more
convenient to read and
surf the Internet. Memory
for some models up to one
gigabyte, while Symbian
applications are often
closed due to lack of
memory, Android is trying
to use the newest, namely,
the graphics processor, the
performance of which is 3-4
times greater than that of
Symbian. As a result, the
Android-Smartphone you
can put a very high quality
game. Personally, I liked
most of all Android phones
for this reason. This is the
interface; Widgets are all
kinds of installation without
any issue, multiple
desktops. In general,
Android can be tailored to
the tastes of any
user.Android vs Symbian –
Android Wins !
4.Battery:Symbian was
designed for a low energy
consumption. Symbian
smartphones have a better
battery life than Android
ones.Talktime in an android
phone is lower than that of
symbian.Android vs
Symbian -Symbian Wins
5.Apps: Android phones
have more cooler and wider
range of apps which you
can get directly from by clicking on
the PLAY button while nokia
ovi store provides symbian
apps.Android vs Symbian –
Android Wins…hence the choice is yours.


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