Barcelona pair up against Ronaldo for Ballon D’Or


Lionel Messi, Cristiano
Ronaldo and Andres
Iniesta will contest the
2012 FIFA Ballon D’Or
after the initial 23-
man shortlist was
narrowed down to just
three today.
Ronaldo and Messi are
expected to go head to
head for the award after
stunning campaigns in La
Liga last time round, while
Iniesta is a relative
outsider despite being
named player of the
tournament for Euro 2012
and picking up the Best
Player in Europe award
ahead of his rivals for the
Ballon D’Or earlier this
Messi leads the way after a
stunning 2011/12, which
saw him shatter the record
for most goals scored in a
single European season,
and brilliant start to the
new campaign.
His tally last term included
50 goals in La Liga which
helped him claim the Golden
Boot while he also set a
new mark for most goals
scored in a single
Champions League
The Barcelona forward is
currently chasing another
record for the most goals
scored in a single calendar
year, and is just three
goals shy of equaling Gerd
Muller’s mark of 85 set in
1972. The 25-year-old has
the chance to set a new
milestone as he goes in
search of a historic 4th
straight Ballon D’Or award.
While Ronaldo has been
forced to stand by and
watch Messi claim all
manner of records, it was
the Portuguese winger who
had the last laugh as he
helped Real Madrid claim the
Spanish league crown from
their rivals for the first
time in four years last
The former Manchester
United man also enjoyed a
brilliant year in front of
goal, notching 46 league
goals to become the first
player to surpass 40 goals
in back to back seasons.
Iniesta meanwhile stormed
the international stage to
help Spain become the first
team to win three
consecutive major
international tournament at
Euro 2012 last summer, and
in the process claimed
UEFA’s Best Player in
Europe award.
Betting firm Ladbrokes
currently place Messi as
1/6 favourite for the
prestigious prize, with
Ronaldo and Iniesta at 9/2
and 10/1.
Of the 20 players to have
missed the cut for the final
shortlist, five came from
the Premier League while
ex-Chelsea striker Didier
Drogba earned a nomination
for his efforts in helping
Chelsea claim their first
Champions League trophy.
Manchester City’s Sergio
Aguero, Mario Balotelli,
Yaya Toure all received
nods, while Manchester
United’s Robin van Persie
and Wayne Rooney were
also on the initial list.
The award will be
presented at the FIFA
Ballon d’Or Gala at the
Kongresshaus in Zurich on
January 7.



It is still one
year away … but already 26
brave drivers and bold
navigators from around the
world have confirmed their
entries for the ‘2013 Kenya
Airways Safari Classic
Once again this ever
popular week-long
premiere motoring
event begins
Wednesday, November
20, 2013 and officially
ends Friday,
November 29, 2013 at
the plush five-star
Sarova Whitesands
Beach Resort and Spa
at Bamburi on the
Kenya North Coast.
Latest entrants include:
Aslam Khan and Ashard
Khan of Kenya in a Porsche
911, Tachyon Michiel
Campagne and Mike Van
Thiel Netherlands from the
Netherlands in a
Chevrolette Corvette GS
— Sarova
Salt Lick Lodge seen in
the early morning light
while rally organisers
prepare the 2013
route survey. Both Salt
Lick and Taita Hills
Lodges will provide
accommodation for the
rally entrants.
Executive Rentals entrant
Mir Muzzamil of Kenya in a
Datsun 180B,
Dalbit Petroleum entrant
and Alastair Cavenagh of
Kenya in a Ford Escort
Mark 2,
Sopa Lodges entrant
Shahnawaz Murji and Mo
Verjee of Kenya in a
Mercedes 220E,
Kick Energy entrant Steve
Perez and Staffan
Parmander in a Datsun
Kick Energy entrant Geoff
Bell of Kenya and Tim
Challen of South Africa in a
Datsun 260Z,
Paolo Faldini and Paolo
Faldini of Monaco in a
Porsche 911,
Kronos Vintage entrant
Gerard Brianti and Olivier
Campana of Monaco in a
Porsche 911,
Viking Motor-sport entrant
John Lloyd and Adrian
Cavenagh both from
England in a Ford Escort
RS2000 Mark 2,
Bjorn Waldegard and
Mathias Waldegard of
Sweden in a Porsche 911,
Stig Blomqvist of Sweden in
a Porsche 911,
Patrick Henri de Frahan and
Patrick Henri de Frahan of
Belgium in Porsche 911,
Josef Huber of Switzerland
in a Porsche 911,
Patrick Van Heurck of
Belgium in Porsche 911,
Ian Duncan and Amaar
Slatch both from Kenya in a
Ford Capri,
Aziz Tejpar and Andy Nagi
Kenya both from Kenya in a
Ford Escort Mark 1,
Kronos Vintage entrant
Stephan Meyers and Albert
De Mey noth from Belgium in
a Porsche 911,
Gerard Marcy Gerard Marcy
and Stephan Prevot Belgium
both from Belgium in a
Porsche 911,
Kronos Vintage entrant
Jean-Pierre Mondron from
Belgium in a Porsche 911,
Sopa Lodges entrant Karim
Wissanji of Kenya in a Ford
Escort Mark 1,
Viking Motorsport Jorge
Perez Companc of Argentina
in a Ford Escort RS1800
Mark 2.
Event Director Surinder
Thatthi reports:
We just came back after
the route planning for Day
1 and Day 9.
For the first stage of Day 1
we have a 91 km stage of
which 42 km will be a
completely new road never
used before.
The third stage of Day 1 is
going to be a real workout
on the driver’s arms with
85 km in the Taita Hills.
Only 8 km of this stage are
the same as in 2011 and
the rest are completely
Part of this new stage
Bjorn Waldegard would
remember the “rockery”
climbing up to Ronge Juu
which he used for many
years as a test road with
Today it is almost a
‘motorway’ by Kenyan
standards but really twisty.
Definitely promises to get
the engine temperatures up
in the red zone.
Day 9 will be a full day of



1. Ms. Gold-Digger
a. You have some one to
manage your money.
b. She always looks good.
c. She makes your other
friends jealous.
d. She makes you look
a. When you get broke
she’ll be gone and take
what you have left.
b. She makes sure she has
a child by you to sue you
for child support.
c. Once your friend comes
up she’ll be on his arm the
next day.
2. Ms. Freak (secret
a. She knows all the right
b. She’ll try everything
more than once.
c. You’re never unsatisfied.
d. She’ll do all the things
your girl won’t do.
e. She doesn’t mind being
your freak, as long as she
catches one too.
a. Eventually, because
she’s a female, she’ll end
up catching feelings.
b. She starts to act like
she’s your “main”.
c. She fucks your friend
and acts like you are wrong
for telling her that she’s a
d. Eventually her shit gets
old. And you need a
3. Ms. Independent
a. You don’t have to worry
about buying her anything.
She’s got it.
b. She’s intelligent, sassy,
confident and determined.
c. She’s great for
(business) conversation.
d. She keeps it real and
has goals.
e. She knows how to please
a man.
a. She will continuously let
you know, that she can
handle it on her own.
b. She will eventually say
fuck you and get a dildo.
c. She will consider you
another one her play toys,
or goals.
4. Ms. Dyme
a. She’s top of the line.
b. She stays looking like a
c. She has the body of a
goddess with the face to
d. She considers herself a
e. Gets you hard whenever
you see her.
f. All the girls envy her, but
she doesn’t care.
a. She’s superficial. She
cares only about her looks.
b. She honestly lacks
confidence and will annoy
you about the way she
c. She’s probably dumb as
hell and if she’s not her
personality is dry.
d. You have to constantly
keep your game up
because every guy is
gonna try to get with her.
5. Ms. Tomboy
a. She’s cool and laid back.
b. She’ll be willing to play
rough with you.
c. Of course, she loves
d. Her body is athletically
e. She’s easy to talk to and
fun to be around.
f. She’s a diamond in the
a. She’ll remind you too
much of your best guy
b. She might not want to
change her appearance.
c. She might actually beat
you in basketball, football
and track.
6. Ms. Ghetto
a. She’s not afraid of any
other female or male. She
will fight to keep you.
b. She’s down for you. She’ll
be there to bail you out of
c. She always stays fresh.
d. She can cook up a storm.
She can make the best out
of a bad situation.
e. She keeps it real and
keeps you satisfied.
a. She doesn’t know how to
act in public.
b. Your mama can’t stand
c. You get into with her
every other second.
d. She’s willing to fight
another girl looking at you
or her PERIOD.
e. Her weave colors are
distracting and her
vocabulary is minimal.
7. Ms. Good Girl
a. She’s always there for
b. She’s intelligent, classy,
kind, sweet and cool.
c. Your mother loves her.
d. You can see yourself
falling in love with her.
e. You are her first
f. She makes you feel like a
a. She’s an A or B situation
A. You’re not going get any
until you are married or
B. She said she’s never
done – she said she’s
never tried – she’s sitting
there telling a mother
fucking lie.
8. Ms. Main
a. She is the one you
b. She probably may know
about the others but might
not care.
c. She has all the qualities
you want in a female.
d. You’ve been with her
a. She starts getting very
suspicious and calls you
every moment.
b. She will devise a plan to
catch you in your act and
then kick your ass
9. Ms. Psycho
a. She’s fun and
b. She’s down to earth.
c. She loves you
d. Everything about her is
too good to be true. So
everyone loves her.
e. She makes you feel
a. Don’t ever break up with
her. She will stalk your ass.
b. She keeps pictures of
you everywhere and knows
everything about you.
c. She can manipulate the
hell out of you.
d. She will consider herself
your wifey even if she may
just be that chick on the
e. Fucking with her can
make your life a living hell.
10. Ms. I have a Man
a. She may have a man but
she’ll mess with you
b. She looks good.
c. You have an intense
night of passion with her.
a. She’ll always come crying
to you about the problems
with her man.
b. She’ll get you caught up
and then leave you anyway
for her man.
c. If you piss her off she’ll
get her man to come beat
your ass.
d. She’ll unofficially make
you her man once she gets
pissed off at her real man.
11. Ms. Tease
a. She’s tempting and a nice
piece of eye candy.
b. She’s intelligent, athletic,
respectable and
c. She knows how to turn
you on without touching
you.verything she does is
just so sensual.
e. She can bring you to that
point and make you wait to
get it.
f. Every time you see her
you catch a mini orgasm.
g. Every guy wants her
because she’s so
mysterious and that makes
you want to get her first.
a. NO matter what you think
or do you never get it.
b. She probably has a long
distance boyfriend
somewhere that you will
never know about.
c. She gets you hard and
leaves you like that.
a. She is not sexy, fine, or
a dyme she is Beautiful and
therefore encompasses all
of these descriptions.
b. She is intelligent, sassy,
funny, outgoing,
determined, strong and
c. She can cook or at least
order a meal that is just
like your mother’s.
d. Her personality is just as
beautiful as her body.
e. She believes in God and
follows his virtues.
f. She knows that a
relationship requires a
200% quota yet she gives
her man an extra 10%.
g. She can please her man
in anyway. Mentally,
Spiritually, and Sexually.
h. She makes you recognize
your full potential as a man
and completes you.
i. She’s always there for,
no matter what your
dreams are.
j. She’s not afraid to tell
you the truth and set you
k. You can talk to her and
confide in her, she’s your
best friend.
l. You love being around
her more than your boys.
m. You can share your most
intimate moments with her
without sex.
n. You can have a bad
argument with her and
have the BEST Mind
Numbing and passionate
love making fest ever.
o. She’s always willing to
find a way to work out your
problems and will often take
most of your shit. But she’s
also intelligent enough to
p. She’s nothing like any
other girl you’ve met. She’s
your woman.
a. You’ve probably met her,
or had her in your life but
got too consumed with all
the other types that you let
her go.
b. You don’t believe that
she exists. So you stick
with other types of girls
that don’t satisfy you or
make you happy.



He will paint your home, fix
your appliances and / or
your car, etc., and love
doing it. Put this guy to
work while you’ve got him.
He needs you to pay for
your dates with him, and he
may be
in a hurry to move
in with you. He is most
likely to be Handy (see
above,Handy) … although not all
Handy men are Parasites.
-Sports Fanatic
He will always watch the
game, no matter what. Don’t
mess with his TV, or with
him when the game is on!
He can make a penny
scream for mercy. If the two
you are ever homeless,
then he will be a real asset
to have around.
-Hedonist or Self-
He is dedicated to all
pleasures the world can
offer him. He can be mild or
extreme. A “mild” case
might enjoy a good cigar,
or maybe a $100 bottle of
wine. A “severe” case
might enjoy hookers and
-Big Fish
He runs a major business
or corporation or similar,
and has enormous financial
resources at his disposal.
Could have Hedonist
He will cheat on you, no
matter what. May or may
not be a Big Fish. Definitely
a Hedonist. Try not to take
his cheating personally …
he cheats on everyone. He
lies to you all the time –
whether you realize it, or
He runs the show, period …
at work, at home, and in a
relationship. It is “his way
or the highway” all the time.
A “Bully” is a “Dictator” with
very bad temper. He will
yell or threaten, and/or go
into a fit of rage. He has a
lot of testosterone, and
likes to physically fight.
-Mama’s Boy
He will agree with
everything you say, and
do whatever you want at
all times. He is a pleaser,
and must always have a
woman in his life. He may
still live at home.
He wants to talk about his
feelings and your feelings,
too … all the time. The rest
of us men find this guy
incredibly annoying – so
don’t bring him around us.
-Emotionally Disconnected
He does not talk when he is
nor does he say “I
love you” when he
probably does. He keeps it
all to himself. When he
dumps you, you may never
know why.
He allows everything
(including his own body) to
run down. He has no clue
that his house smells
funny, and the litter box
needs to be emptied. You
will find dirty dishes in his
kitchen sink.
He has a college degree
but works at a low-paying
job. You will probably wind
up having to support him
financially at some point.
To him, it is all about
getting everything he can.
He is very work-focused,
and has no time for
anything else … especially
not for you.
He is constantly concerned
with where you are, what
you are doing, who you are
and what you are
thinking. He will track you
without your knowledge. If
you find yourself dating a
stalker, then you should
end the relationship
immediately, and possibly
seek a restraining order.
He believes that nothing or
no one is any good. The
world is against him (and
you will be, too, at some
point – or so he believes).
Everything he loves goes
away. Check his medicine
– Addict
He enjoys his poison …
whether it is alcohol,
drugs, or whatever. It is all
about the chemicals. If you
want to keep him, then try
not to interrupt his buzz.
-Mentally Ill
Something is wrong with
this guy, and you just are
not sure what it is at first.
He has biochemical
problems in his brain, and
is on disability or social
security. Could also be an
Addict. Best to stay away
from this guy.
He is better than
everyone, looks down
upon the world, and looks
down upon you … for
whatever reason. This is
unlikely to change.
– Perfect
He is well-balanced,
emotionally- and
and a family-
oriented guy. Good luck
finding one of these – he
may not exist.
Whichever qualities are
most important to you – he
has them all, and more. He
is probably rich, too. Very hard to keep him to yourself…



Be her hero.
Whenever she is in
trouble or worried about
something, don’t just sit
there with her.
Acknowledge that you
don’t have all the
answers, and that you
may not know exactly
what she’s going
through. If you ask her
sometimes what
happened at the wrong
timing, she may ignore
you and walk away. It
depends when she needs
you or not.
Ask her how you can
help, but don’t insist
that she let you.
patient with anything
she goes through and
be supportive. When
you can make a
difference, do so
without hesitation, but
also cautiously, as
you don’t want to hurt
her in any way. If you
hesistate or if you’re
thinking too much, she
may just wander off
and not focus on the
coversation, so keep
the conversation up.
Be calm. If you’re the
kind of guy that gets
sweaty and stutters his
words when he’s around
a girl, then just calm
down. Think as if they
are just your friend that
just looks different, yet
don’t treat her as you
normally treat a friend.
Girls don’t bite! Just
be yourself.
Don’t lie about yourself.
If you try to be emotional
like in cheesy movies,
then she’ll think you’re a
Don’t fly too deep
into the ”
zone”: Stop acting like
you’re “just a friend” for
too long or that’s exactly
what you’ll always be.
Don’t rush: Give it time.
This is where a lot of
guys screw up. Don’t
mistake her kindness for
her liking you as more
than a friend just yet.
She will grow on you
Make sure you know
she likes you
more than just a
, it can cause some
sticky situations.
Care for your image.
If you’re wearing solid
colored t-shirts that you
bought from Walmart that
don’t even fit you, old
worn out shoes that you
mowed the lawn in 100
times, then you’re a total
turn-off. Instead, maybe
go with something like, a
nice pair of Brand name
shoes and some
formfitting (but not too
formfitting!) rustic pair of
jeans, and a good brand
shirt from American Eagle
or something in its
nature. Guys with
shocking image styles
are many girls’ types. If
you can, work on a nice
farmers tan.
Be charming:You must
at least have some kind
of charm to appeal to a
Think of the leading
men from old movies;
It’s OK to watch them
if it’s for research
Be witty: Girls love
guys who are great in
conversations. It is also
a show-off of
intelligence, part of
evolutionary preference.
If you don’t possess
wit, make sure you
have other things to
show off your
intelligence. Academic
excellence, athletic
achievement, or any
kind of creative
abilities whether
artistic or literary will
do. It could be
mathematical, spatial,
logical, technological –
analytical or just
about anything to
show that you have a
highly developed
Be as attractive as
possible: This is a very
important thing,
accounting for 50% of
preferences; above all
other except when the
person is sad, lonely,
desperate and
vulnerable. Remember
that tall and lanky isn’t
always what a girl looks
for, but sometimes broad
shoulders can mean a
world of difference when
she wants to feel safe
and protected. Try hitting
the gym two or three
times a week.
Try to be funny: This
relaxes the girl. A
person is more
responsive and
receptive to suggestions
when relaxed. This is
similar to being witty, but
with higher importance. It
helps you connect with
her logically/intellectually.
She will enjoy your
company and won’t be
bored. The girl will also
think highly of you even
though you’re not really
that good.
Display intelligence
and confidence
Women who are rich,
successful and
independent want
someone who is an equal.
Be financially
: Most of
us aren’t blessed with
wealth, but be able to
pay your own way.
Women don’t like
freeloaders. Women want
a man who can provide
enough money to afford
a life.
Be secure and
: Part of
security is confidence but
it really involves more
than that. There are
other security items like
physique or intellect.
Don’t be too pushy:
It’s a really bad turnoff
to always be around her
and touching her and
flirting obnoxiously with
her when she is NOT
interested and has
never shown any
interest at all. Girls find it
really annoying when a
guy is like that.
Don’t flirt with other
girls too much: A girl
might really like you but
if she sees you dancing
or talking with another
girl… she might think that
you don’t like her and will
probably stop liking you.
Make things remind
her of you Sing or
hum songs, talk
about movies, share
. Anything
that, when she hears/
sees it again, will make
her think of you.ation she was
stressing about, or at
a dance when she’s
gotten herself
dressed up.
Don’t overdo the
compliments, it’s
better to just be
friendly rather than
constantly shower her
with compliments.
Be sensitive, but not
too sensitive
.- Girls
like a guy that will cheer
her up when she’s crying
or acknowledge the fact
that she’s sick and text
her and ask her if she’s
okay or, if actually
dating, maybe bring her
flowers, a teddy bear
etc…whatever they like.
Also sometimes sharing
personal issues is nice,
but don’t overdo it and
start bawling on their
lap, that’s a BIG
TURNOFF. Think of
someone like Michael
Cera in Juno or Nick and
Norah’s Infinite Playlist.
Watch those movies for
more info.
Mystery is
sometimes cool
.- Girls
like mystery most of the
time, but again, don’t
overdo it, or she’ll think
you’re a freak.
Stare at her butt not
for too long
. Girls can
always notice when guys
are watching them, and
this shows them that you
are interested. However,
DO NOT overdo this, or
she’ll start thinking
you’re creepy.
Don’t overtell jokes.
Yes it’s good to make
her laugh, but if you
over-tell a joke too
many times, it gets old,
and she’ll find you
Most of all, do not
use guides such as
this one literally; you
should not make
building a
relationship with her
a script. All of the tips
and advice you read
online and here from
others should be used
just that, advice. The
most important thing to
do when looking for a
meaningful relationship is
to relax around her, and
let your true personality
shine through. Do not
force yourself to fit a
stereotype, such as the
“Skater”, or “Gangsta'”,
simply be yourself. You
don’t need to wear a
perfect looking outfit,
just look and smell clean.
Keep in mind that while
you may feel that you
have no problem with
changing your style to
impress her, you will
have to maintain this
change and may
eventually get stressed
out at constantly having
to pretend to be
someone you’re not. It’s
better off to wait until
you can find a girl who
likes you, not a
stereotypical “cool”
archetype. A relationship
in which you can be
yourself is much, much
more meaningful than one
in which you have to
pretend to be someone



First, let’s talk
about screen size. The
iPhone 5 has grown, it’s
up to 4 inches; the first
size upgrade since the
phone debuted. This means
a taller, larger screen that
iPhone fans have been
waiting for. This is better,
but not as much as I would
have wanted. Even at 4
inches, I find the keyboard
to be a bit small for typing.
If you want real size, the
GS3 has the numbers – 4.8
inches to be exact. This is
more real estate for your
viewing pleasure, though
some folks might not want a
phone that big. It’s up to
each person to decide how
big is too big, but I think
most people will be just fine
with a 4.8 inch screen,
which is a little more
manageable than the 5-inch
plus screen on phones like
the Galaxy Note and the LG
In terms of materials, the
iPhone wins this battle; it’s
more solid and less
plasticky, an Apple
hallmark. But don’t think the
GS3 is a slouch here. It will
withstand some drops too,
it’s just not quite as sturdy
as the iPhone. To be safe,
with either phone, get a
Slimness is close, but
iPhone wins out by a hair …
0.30 inches for iPhone, 0.34
inches for GS3. The
difference is negligible, as
both are very slim and
Full specs are as follows:
The iPhone comes in at
4.87 inches high, 2.31
inches wide, .3 inches thick
and a weight of 3.95
ounces. The GS3 is 5.38
inches high, 2.78 inches
wide, .34 inches thick, and
weighs 4.7 ounces.
SCREEN: In terms of what
you’ll see on screen, both
devices offer sharp visual
quality for viewing media
and photos and video.
With the iPhone 5, you get
their well-known Retina
display on the 4-inch
There is a 1136×640
resolution, or 326 ppi
(pixels per inch). There is
a fingerprint-resistant
coating on the front, but it
didn’t really work in my
experience. I still found
myself wiping my
fingerprints off the phone
In the GS3, you get a
slightly better resolution of
1280×720, but due to the
larger 4.8-inch size the ppi
is slightly less. The HD
Super AMOLED screen on
the GS3 is very bright and
This is one area where I
would call it a push
between the two phones.
The numbers are slightly
different, but both look
5, no exaggeration, is
lightning quick. Apple did a
bang-up job with its dual-
core Apple A6 processor,
and you won’t be waiting
long to do anything.
But hold on, because the
GS3 is definitely up to pace,
in fact it’s even faster. Its
1.5 GHz dual-core
Snapdragon processor is
nothing to sneeze at (the
European version is even
better with a quad-core
processor). Multitasking will
not slow it down in the
least, even if it involves
intensive apps such as
Pandora Radio or Netflix.
(Side note: One benefit of
Android over Apple’s
operating system is that
multitasking is much easier
to manage on the Android
OS than it is on an iPhone)
In the area of RAM, the
iPhone 5 features 1 GB, but
the GS3 features a
whopping 2GB of RAM. This
is going to become the new
standard for smartphones,
and the iPhone 5 will be
seen as behind in this
area, though Apple will
argue its operating system
requires less RAM to
operate than the Android
STORAGE: You can get
the iPhone with various
storage levels — 16, 32 or
64 GB; of course, that’s
what you get, no
upgradability in the
iPhones. The GS3 is
available in 16GB or 32 GB
options, plus it has a
microSD slot, which allows
for up to 64GB, so the
potential for more storage
space is there on the GS3.
Realistically, though, most
people don’t need to go
past 64 GB, or even that
high, especially with so
much data and music, etc.,
stored in the cloud these
days (For example, all your
music could be stored
online in iTunes or Google
Music, so it wouldn’t take
up space on your phone).
4G: The big news about
the iPhone 5 is that it’s
(finally) capable of
accessing the 4G networks
of its carriers, another
example of Apple showing
up fashionably late to the
party. That is big news for
Apple fans, who now will
get faster downloads and
uploads as a result.
But as Apple’s competitors
are quick to point out,
that’s old news for Android
phone users. They’ve been
using the faster 4G LTE
networks for over a year
now, so in this area Apple
is just catching up to the
Android competition.
The iPhone is offered on
Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint,
who all have their own 4G
LTE networks. Verizon and
AT&T’s networks are the
most expansive right now,
and Sprint’s is newer so its
reach is limited.
The Galaxy S3 is available
on all four major wireless
networks – Verizon,
AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.
It’s basically the same
phone on all four networks,
other than some carrier-
specific software that’s
included on each version of
the phone, plus the fact
that it will access a
different 4G network,
depending which version
you buy. With these major reviews the choice is yoursa result,
there are high
expectations in this regard.
Good news: Both the iPhone
5 and the Galaxy S3 have
fantastic cameras, and
fantastic video quality too.
Both devices have an 8-
megapixel camera in the
rear, as well as crystal-
clear 1080p HD video that
looks amazing and life-like
on replay. They do well in
low light, for the most part,
compared to previous
versions of these phones.
In the area of front
camera, which is used
primarily for video chat,
the GS3 does a little better
with its 1.9-megapixel
camera. The iPhone 5 front
camera comes in at 1.2
megapixels. Both phones’
front camera feature 720p
HD video quality.
Both phones have a great
deal of editing/cropping/
sharing ability in regard to
photos, as was as various
modes such as burst mode
and panorama to choose
from. To be fair, the
Android phones have had
the panorama shot for a
while, and it’s now
becoming available to
iPhone users with the
latest update to Apple’s
operating system.
ISSUE: In addition to the
change in size, a major
update on the iPhone 5 is
the new size of the
charging connector – the
newly named Lightning
connector that is a lot
smaller than all previous
Apple chargers. A
connector is included with
your phone, but if you want
to connect your iPhone 5 to
your old iPhone
accessories, you’ll need a
new Lightning adaptor –
which, in true Apple
fashion, they’re willing to
sell you online for only $30
(yes, a bit ridiculous I
Luckily for the Apple
faithful, knockoffs usually
come shortly after a new
overprice adaptor is
announced, but Apple
should be ashamed of itself
for this overcharging here
like it always does for its
silly adaptors. They
probably cost $2 to make,
and it’s simply price
gouging. (Luckily for them,
the most hardcore Apple
fanboys/fangirls don’t care
about their general trend
of overpricing everything
the company sells, for
some strange reason I’ve
yet to comprehend.)
MAPS: One big software
change on the iPhone 5 is
that Apple now relies on its
own maps, and no longer
uses Google maps. There
have been some major
bumps in the road for Apple
in this transition, especially
in Europe, where mapping
is just way off. Even in the
U.S., some folks aren’t
happy with how the new
maps work.
This is a work in progress,
and a result of Apple trying
to distance itself from its
rivals (Google is behind the
Android operating system,
hence the distancing), so
for now and probably a
long time, the GS3 has the
edge in terms of getting
you where you need to go
properly. If I were a user
of the new iPhone, the
downgrading of the
navigation capability of my
phone would be very
annoying. They’d be better
of just going online and
visiting Google Maps and
leaving the Apple
navigation alone completely
until they work out the
bugs in this transition.
Point blank, Apple’s
weakening of its maps
feature is the biggest
disappointment on the
iPhone 5, and a big win for
the Galaxy S3 in
comparison, as Google
Maps work wonderfully on
APPS: Of course, behind
all this other mess, it’s
really – for a lot of folks –
all about the apps.
Apple, of course, was out
with its iPhone before
Android phones ever hit
the market, so they got a
big jump on the competition
in terms of having better
app selection. And it’s true
that pretty much whatever
you need to do with an
app, Apple’s got you
covered on the iPhone.
But that doesn’t
necessarily mean the
Android competition loses
this battle. It may have
gotten a later start, but in
the past several years
Google’s Android Market
(now referred to as the
Google Play Store) has
grown by leaps and
bounds, and I would say at
this point it’s caught up to
Apple’s App Store in terms
of offering whatever you
might need in the app
In the past, the apps battle
was a clear win for Apple,
but I think those days are
This is really the big
difference between these
two phones.
Apple’s iPhone 5 runs the
latest version of Apple’s
operating system – iOS 6.
This features integration
with Apple’s ecosystem –
iTunes, iBooks, etc. When
you use an iPhone, you’re
in Apple’s world. Some
people like that, others
don’t. With the Galaxy S3,
you get Android 4.0 (aka
Ice Cream Sandwich), and
an update promised soon
to Android 4.1 (aka Jelly
Bean), and you’re in
Google’s world here –
Google Maps, Google Voice,
Gmail, etc.
The operating systems
operate quite differently in
my experience. I find the
Android OS more easily
maneuverable than iOS 6,
for basic reasons such as
the presence of a pull down
menu listing your apps in
use, and the presence of a
back button on the phone
instead of having to hunt
for an arrow within each
app to return to the
previous screen. Other
little things bother me
about iOS 6, such as the
more difficult steps you
must take to sign out of
some apps that are
operating in the
Still, I know a lot of folks
who love their iPhones and
don’t complain about the
user experience, so
obviously we’re not all
going to have the same
opinion in this regard. This
opinion about operating
system preference, to me,
is the decision you’ll make
that will likely have the
biggest impact in
determining which of the
two phones you prefer.
NFC: One feature that the
GS3 has that the iPhone 5
does not is NFC, aka near-
field communication, which
allows users of phones
that both have this feature
to share certain things by
simply tapping the phones
together, and you can use
it to pay for purchases. It’s
a very cool feature, though
not widely used yet, so I
don’t think it will sway too
many people from Apple to
Android. But, it’s fair to
mention that Apple is
lagging behind in this
exciting new area of
smartphone technology,
and if they’re smart they’ll
make sure to add it on
next year’s model.
quality on these phones
will, of course, depend on
which network you are
using and where you are
calling to/from, but in my
time with Verizon’s iPhone
5 and AT&T’s GS3, I didn’t
experience any dropped
calls or distortion or
anything of that sort. It
would appear to me that
the issues previous
versions of the iPhone
have had with call quality
are now pretty much gone.
BATTERY: 4G phones are
notorious for sucking up
battery, but with proper
management of your
features like WiFi and
Bluetooth, you can make
them last longer.
Samsung’s GS3 slightly
outlasted Apple’s iPhone in
my testing, and both were
among the better 4G
phones I’ve seen so far.
They got me through the
day and then some, unless
I was just going crazy with
my app use.
small change on the iPhone
5 comes in the area of
accessories, as a new
variety of earphones are
included — called EarPods.
As you can guess, they fit
better in your ear. Hardly
revolutionary, but I
suppose they do feel a
little better in the ear.
star feature of the iPhone
4S was Siri, your personal
assistant who will answer
any question you ask –
sometimes accurately,
sometimes not. She’s a little
better this time around,
and still has a little wit in
her, but Samsung also
offers something similar on
the GS3 – called S Voice.
It’s got its own bugs, too,
just like Siri, but both of
them allow you to ask
questions, open apps,
make calls, etc.
Some consider S Voice to
be a clone of Siri, but that’s
for the courts to settle
(Apple and Samsung will
likely be suing each other
into the next century over
various copyright cases).
To the user, I’ll just say
this: Both Siri and S Voice
do what they’re supposed
to do – for the most part,
but with a few hiccups that
will likely be worked out on
future updates. Siri maybe
gets a slight advantage,
but it’s not by much.
PRICES: The pricing for
the iPhone 5 is the same on
Verizon, AT&T and Sprint:
With a new 2-year-
contract, you pay $199 for
the 16GB version, $299 for
the 32GB version and $399
for the 64GB version.
Costs for the Samsung
Galaxy S3 vary by carrier:
On both Verizon and
Sprint, it costs $199.99 for
16GB version, $249.99 for
32GB version, with new
contract; on AT&T, it’s $
199.99 for 16GB version
(and refurbished GS3s are
just $99.99) with a new
contract; and on T-Mobile,
prices are now $99.99 for
16GB version and $149.99
for 32GB version, with a
new contract.
This is to be expected, as
Apple never adjusts its
pricing (at least until the
next model comes out), but
with the Android phones
you can sometimes catch a
break at the point of
purchase. Personally, I
think the $399.99 price out
of pocket even with a
contract is a bit ridiculous,
but I doubt most people
would go that route
anyway, as 64GB is not
needed by 90-some
percent of buyers.
Samsung and Apple battle
in the courtroom over
copyrights and the billions
they are making, the battle
between these two
superphones is now
officially under way, as the
iPhone 5 is finally here to
compete with the Galaxy
S3, which had been
dominating the market for
the past several months.
My final verdict is that
these phones are very
close in overall
performance and quality,
but the undeniable truth is
that the iPhone 5 is finally
catching up to its Android
competition – namely the
Galaxy S3. Most specs are
very close between the
phones, but the Galaxy S3
has some features that you
can’t do with iPhone (NFC)
and better maps/
navigation. Both phones
are very fast, have 4G
access, great cameras and
video, and it’s a safe bet
to say these are the two
best phones on the market
right now. Really, in the
end, it all comes down to
what is your favorite
operating system and how
big you want your phone to



Barcelona’s Lionel Messi
from Argentina, center,
shoots to score pass
Levante’s goalkeeper
Gustabo Adolfo Munua from
Uruguay, right, during their
la liga soccer match at the
Ciutat Valencia stadium in
Valencia, Spain, Sunday,
Nov. 25, 2012. (Alberto
Saiz /AP)
Lionel Messi struck twice as
Barcelona won 4-0 at
Levante on Sunday to
remain three points clear of
Atletico Madrid at the top of
La Liga.
Messi’s goals were both
laid on by Andres Iniesta
who also hit the target
himself before supplying
Cesc Fabregas for the
The Argentine’s brace
means he now has 82 goals
in 2012, just six short of
German legend Gerd
Mueller’s all-time calendar
record set in 1972.
He also tops the La Liga
charts for the season with
19 goals.
Atletico had earlier beaten
Sevilla 4-0 to keep pace at
the top and go eight points
ahead of city rivals Real
Madrid in third who had lost
1-0 at Betis on Saturday.
Barca had struggled in the
first half and their cause
was not helped by losing
Dani Alves after only 13
minutes with what appeared
to be a recurrence of a
recent hamstring injury.
When his replacement
Martin Montoya took the
pitch it meant Barca’s full
side had also starred for
the club at youth level.
Jose Maria Barkero had the
best chance of the opening
exchanges for Levante,
drawing Barca goalkeeper
Victor Valdes into a save
with a 12th-minute drive.
Barca took 10 minutes to
react, Messi hitting a low
shot that missed just wide
right, a minute before Xavi
Hernandez hit a similar
drive that went to the left.
The Catalans’ intricate
build-up play was
comfortably contained by
solid defending from the
home team in a tight first
Levante, in the meantime,
looked dangerous on the
counter-attack and Obafemi
Martins narrowly glanced a
header wide just before
However, Barca finally
found a way through just
after the break and it was
from a perfectly threaded
pass from Iniesta that
allowed Messi to coolly slot
Five minutes later, Iniesta
was the provider again, the
little midfielder pulling back
the ball for Messi to double
the lead.
Another five minutes had
passed before Iniesta
buried Levante’s challenge
for good with a drive from
the edge of the area.
The fourth came on 63
minutes, this time Fabregas
was given the simple task
of finishing off another
Iniesta pass.
Barca had solved what had
at first seemed a difficult
task with four goals in 18
second-half minutes and
for Levante there was no
way back.
Valdes made matters worse
for the home side making a
double save from a
Barkero penalty in the
dying minutes after Carles
Puyol had handled in the
For Atletico, Radamel
Falcao, Arda Turan and
Koke got first-half goals
and Miranda one in the last
minute to make it seven
straight home wins in the
league against a Sevilla
side that played with only
10 men from the 22th
minute and finished with
Atletico made a
breakthrough on 19
minutes when Koke was
pulled down by Federico
Fazio, who received a
straight red.
Falcao smashed the penalty
straight down the middle of
the goal for his 11th league
goal of the season and
Sevilla were facing more
than an hour of play with
ten men.
On 38 minutes, Turan
doubled the home side’s
lead when Falcao received
a defensive clearance and
broke at speed before
releasing the Turkish
winger, who hit a shot that
caught a slight deflection of
Spahic on the way to goal.
On the stroke of half-time,
Koke stroked home a Diego
Costa cross for the third.
It was one way traffic in the
second period but Sevilla
held firm for most of it,
despite losing Ivan Rakitic
to a second yellow card on
83 minutes, before Miranda
hit the fourth from close
range in injury time.
Also on Sunday, Athletic
Bilbao and Deportivo La
Coruna shared the points in
a 1-1 draw in the San
Mames stadium.
Oscar de Marcos put the
home side ahead on 24
minutes when he converted
a Markel Susaeta cross,
but against the run of play
Abel Aguilar hit an equaliser
early in the second-half to
earn Deportivo a point and
move his side out of the
relegation zone.
Getafe won 2-0 at Espanyol
to keep the Barcelona side
bottom of the table, two
points behind Deportivo.
Pedro Leon put Getafe
ahead on 15 minutes before
Mane doubled the lead in
the last minute.

What Shows She’s in Love?


1. Subtle speech
When a woman loves or has
fallen in love with a man,
she usually won’t take the
initiative in pouring her
heart out and saying “I
love you,” and will instead
send out subtle messages
for you to detect.
For example, while your
group of young friends are
on the way back from
singing songs at the KTV, a
girl suddenly says to you:
“Can you help me keep this
bag of milk warm?” At this
time, men will certainly feel
very puzzled, thinking:
“Why is she asking me to
help her warm [this milk]?
And further, can the hands
really warm it?” Actually, is
already purposefully giving
you a subtle message.
2. Take initiative to
strike up a
In general, boys usually
start talking with girls, and
this can easily lead the girl
to think the boy is a lecher.
Since this is a typical way
of making conversation,
many girls tend to refuse it,
or treat the boy with
The opposite situation is
when a girl takes the
initiative to start talking
with a boy, the boy
absolutely will not say
anything like this girl is
lecherous, maybe because
he himself is already beside
himself with happiness [that
a girl is talking to him]?
Likewise, a girl taking the
initiative to talk with a boy,
aside from work situations,
is very likely that girl is
attracted to you, and is
interested in you.
Otherwise, a girl would
rather be beaten to death
than risk the kind of social
criticism that goes along
with that behavior [talking
with a boy].
3. Often ask about
your well-being
It is without a doubt that all
of us, whether meeting an
old buddy or just a normal
friend, all ask how one
another are doing, making
the kind of small talk that
that has existed for ages
that millions of people are
familiar with to show our
respect for each other.
However, most of the time it
is old men doing so without
So, if we see a situation
developing in the opposite
direction, and we see a girl
fussing over a man, for
example saying: “Why are
you just wearing such little
clothing? Such a cold day,
how do you expect others
not to worry?” may seem
like just normal politeness,
but in fact is her limitless
love and concern for you.
This is the kind of thing
that only a wife says to her
husband and for her to say
it to you now, is the
implications are naturally
4. Making something
out of nothing
When a guy likes a girl, he
will be so nervous his nose
will bleed, uncontrollably,
yet with just a few words,
that girl can effortlessly
stop the nosebleed that
could not be stopped. This
world is very strange, that
there can be this kind of
kung fu, it truly make us
feel so powerless.
Similarly, when a girl likes a
boy, there will be quite a
few things you could never
imagine that will happen to
you. For example, if a girl
suddenly turn to you and
ask: “When do you need
me to return that book you
lent me? I’m almost done
but I’d like to read more, do
you have any other books,
like this, similar to this,
others, whatever, anything
is fine.” This sort of thing,
definitely will make you
5. Trance-like
Some people say that
whenever a girl likes a
man, there is always
something called hormones
that will cause mischief,
something secreted on a
woman’s body, often
causing trouble for women
making them unable to
control themselves. No
matter matter how hard she
tries, she will get closer to
the man she likes. During
this time, however, a girl
can’t get too close or other
people will suspect that
their relationship isn’t
proper. But if she is too far
away, she won’t be able to
smell that man’s
mesmerizing scent.
So, this kind of distance
really makes things
ambiguous, and in this
state of ambiguity, a
trance-like expression can
be revealing. So when you
see someone prompt a girl
to talk and it takes forever
for her to react, it is
exactly that mischief at
6. Attentively ask you
All along Chinese people
have liked to ask about
other people’s private
affairs, asking about how
this family’s kids got into
trouble or why that family’s
kid got into a fight. This is
nothing to be surprised
about, but when your friend
tells you that there is often
someone asking them about
your life, your information
and situation, you must not
not always think this is just
other people being nosy,
especially if the other
person is a man, because it
may mean he has bad
intentions and wants to ruin
On the other hand, if it is a
girl, a delicate girl, then
your caution is
unnecessary. With this,
there is only one
possibility: She has already
begun to like you, only
except she is not yet ready
to say so, and is just a
prelude to a secret love.
7. Winking
After having used the many
methods above, a woman
starts to make use of a
deadly weapon – winking.
This is a an oft-used
weapon of devastating
power that women use,
making even the most
powerful men defenseless.
Every girl will do
everything she can to grab
hold of her Prince
Charming, sparing no effort
and exhausting all her the
resources she can spare.objective: to use her eyes
to accomplish the final
mission. Although this is an
often-discussed problem,
but how many men can take
this kind of seduction?
When a woman throws her
head back at you like that,
even a great hero would be
8. A shy, red face
If we say a man gets
nervous around a woman,
that a nosebleed is a
normal greeting gift he
gives her, then a girl
meeting a man she likes will
be so shy that her face
turns red, all the way to
her ears, her entire face
flushed, just like a bright
shiny spring tomato making
you full of sentimental
feelings. You this way
means you have absolutely
fallen into women’s trap,
because Sunzi’s “The Art
of War” has a section that
reads “Allow somebody
more latitude at first to
keep a tighter rein later
on,” which talks about this
very thing.
Sometimes, she can fall
back in retreat and attack
your defenses’ weakest
point at the same time,
because she can always
find your most weakest
point on your body. This is
many men’s biggest pitfall.
9. Giving gifts
When the time is right, a
girl will always give gifts to
a guy she likes. Sometimes
it’s a T-shirt, other times it
might be a coat, or maybe
that thing that men put so
much importance on, a
wristwatch. As a symbol of
a man’s age a wristwatch
has already gone out of
fashion, but in the eyes of
today’s women, it’s still a
great gift, because the men
who receive a wristwatch
already know that it is a
very unusual/special gift
packed full of meaning.
Because the wristwatch
includes the girl’s true
feelings, it will be very
natural for the relationship
to begin.
So, when a girl gives a man
the something at the
appropriate time, a man will
understand that you have
great affection for him.
10. “Sa
jiao” [behaving like a
spoiled child] in front
of you
Women who act like spoiled
children has been talked
about many times. If we say
this behavior is the mark of
an open/loose woman, it
seems a little like depriving
other women of being able
to do this. To put it another
way, if you act like a
spoiled child in front of the
man you like then you’re
already quite open enough.
On the same note, a girl
who knows how to act like a
spoiled child can easily get
pity from a man. This lets a
woman defeat a man’s best
defenses. For example, if
you say “Hey let’s go eat!”
and then add in a few whiny
baby-like noises. Or, if you
refuse still, she’ll grab you
and pull your clothes and
say “Let’s goooo, let’s
goooo, just for a bit!” so in
the end, you’ll end up going
after all.