-Return Their Messages
Are you too busy to reply
to her childish messages?
Think again. She is busy
with her life too. Amidst
everything she keeps
sharing her happy moments
with you. Try the same and
your efforts won’t go awry.
-Dress Up For Her
Have you ever been yelled
at by your mothers for not
keeping your room clean? I
think all of us have faced
this at least once in our
lifetime. The point is –
females love to see things
in order
. Dressed up men are
always cherished by them.
In any case, a proper
sense of dressing is also
very necessary.
-Cook For Her
Can you think of any one
reason why for she won’t
appreciate this effort of
-Make Her Feel
No doubt you got tons of
attitude problems. Give this
a try once regardless. Keep
ego aside and make
her feel how important she
is to you. Like opening a
car door for her. These
small efforts add up to your
which she always makes a
note of.
-Be Patient With Her
Does she consume a huge
amount of time while
shopping? Great, she is a
normal woman! Don’t you
love watching football (or
whatever your best sport
is), and whenever you
have your friends
accompanying you the
match becomes extra
exciting. It is because you
are able to share your
excitement. Every visit to
the mall is no less than a
new game for each female
and she tries her best to
share her excitement with
you. Just be a part of it.
-Don’t Let Her Wait
If you are regularly late for
dates just because you
think you are a complete
man then believe me you
are loosing her.
-Propose A Visit To Her
Girls are closer to there
parents when compared to
guys. Your job is to make
her feel how important
“her” family is for you.
This way both she and her
family will appreciate your
efforts. But remember, you
have got a family also, and
they deserve first
-Listen Instead Of
Providing Solutions
Her problems aren’t math
questions that you start
solving them. Women love
to talk and share. Be silent
and let her do that. You will
be amazed at the end
-Give Her Cards
NOT all, but a great deal of
females love receiving
-Dance With Her
This might be a rare chance
you are bound with
cultures but IF you ever
get the chance, don’t miss
To summarize the complete
article women love chivalry
and respect. It is all about
the extent to which you are
patient with her.


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