1 – It’s all in the eyes.
You can direct them and
stare, or simply note what
is there and move on. The
latter is generally safer.
But, you may wonder, is
this what is desired on the
part of those who choose
to wear outfits that seem to
scream out for attention?
The answer lies more in
your own desires, because
does it really matter what
someone else wishes when
it comes to protecting your
own dignity? Certainly, if
you want to look, or worse
feel the need, simply give a
cursory glance, note what
you choose and move on.
There is nothing inherently
wrong in noting a woman’s
appearance, it’s only when
it’s done obviously or
crudely that trouble arises.
2 – Time. It’s impossible
to give an exact amount of
time that one may peer at
another before it becomes
problematic. But in general,
the shorter the duration,
the more appropriate,
especially if noting
particular body parts.
3 – Area of interest.
Say you are walking along
the street. A woman
appears walking towards
you. If you focus your
attention exclusively on
her breasts, you’re likely
to make her feel
uncomfortable or even
angry. This is the one area
of a woman’s body that is in
general up for contention.
Though her behind may
also attract considerable
interest, it’s less noticeable
due to her own field of
vision generally being
centered in the opposite
direction. Therefore if your
aim is to behave
respectively, avoid eye
contact with a woman’s
breasts unless they belong
to your lover.
4 – Cleavage,
miniskirts and midriffs.
Yes, sometimes it does
seem as if one entire half
of the species is intent on
making life as difficult and
awkward as possible for
the other. Some may
excuse their wandering eye
by claiming that women who
wear such things are very
nearly begging to be
scrutinized and admired
from all who pass by.
Others of the female
persuasion may claim that
wearing such attire has
nothing to do with others
who may see them but is
about their own desire to
feel good about how they
look. All of this is in fact
immaterial, because
regardless of what a
woman wears, she
deserves to be treated
with respect. Therefore, if
you notice someone coming
into view who you know will
cause you to stare, or
gape open-mouthed, simply
turn your whole head in
another direction, and keep
it there till the danger has
5 – The exception. Tee-
shirts are the exception to
the rule regarding looking
directly at a women’s chest.
This is because quite often
women wear them with
words or meaningful
pictures or photographs.
So, what to do, especially if
you’re a man who
automatically reads words
whenever they present
themselves.? Well, you
have three choices. The
first is to ignore whatever
it is passing by. The
second is to simply ignore
convention and stare
directly reading or
analyzing until you’re
curiosity is sated. The third
is to ask if you might read
what is displayed, thus
making perfectly clear just
what it is your intentions
are. Clearly, if you wish to
behave respectively,
choose the third and simply
These five sensible tips on
how to appreciate a
woman’s appearance
respectively, can be used
by any man who goes out in
public. While they may not
always be easy to follow,
doing so should help you
avoid any unnecessary
accusations or angry
words. Good luck.



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