Many fantasies for women
include showing off. A lot!
They dream about walking
down a beach and by the
time they reach the waters,
they’ve got almost all their
clothes off. If not that, a
woman fantasizes about
having sex in public where
people can see her
performing her act.
The closest thing that
women do to get familiar
with this female fantasy is
flashing to unsuspecting
loners walking along on a
highway. Exhibitionism
fantasies can be a great
boost for sizzling sex, and
can also have a woman
talking about really, really
dirty things in bed. Which
does turn on both partners.
is good!
Women do like getting kinky
in a while. Men are
usually the ones who are
on top, but at times a
woman fantasizes about a
man doing more than just
showing off his balancing
act on top of her.
She fantasizes about being
told what to do in bed. She
wonders how it would feel
to be called a slut or a
whore in bed. It may even
turn her on. Even though it
sounds like a guy’s
fantasy, what the woman
does during this act is her
fantasy. Some women say
they would listen to their
partner, while some girls
said they would do the
opposite of what their
master orders and wait to
be punished. Freaky lil’
This is a role reversal of
the submissive lover. Some
women like to dominate
men, instead of getting
dominated all the time. They
imagine what it could be like
if they could indulge in all
kinds of crazy acts with
their men.
This includes tying him up
and doing whatever she
wishes to her man. Telling
him to perform sexual acts
on her as well as making
him beg for what he wants,
are just a few things that
run along in a woman’s
mind in this fantasy for
women. And trust me, some
acts are just way too crude
to be put here. The least of
it’s got something to do
with peeing! Omigawd!
Women may cringe when an
unknown male touches
them, but they do love it
inside their head! The
thought of meeting a
stranger for one night of
great sex, where she can
do anything and everything
she wants is just what can
turn her on like a light bulb.
She could do whatever she
wants, talk dirty, ask the
guy to take her from the
back, talk about another
woman, whatever she
wants. Many women want to
talk about a lot of things in
bed, but worry too much
about what their man might
think of their female
fantasy. A meeting with a
stranger, at least in her
head takes away a lot of
those inhibitions.
This fantasy is all about
having several men touch a
at the same time.
She may even dream about
being surrounded by
several men kissing,
touching and seducing her
at the same time.
Every woman has her own
favorite number in mind,
varying from three to
around ten men groping
her! There’s something
about just sitting back and
being overwhelmed by
sexual male attention that
turns on women. Women
don’t really dream of this
all the time and hope it
would come true someday,
but they just can’t help but
sit back and wonder, how it
could feel like!



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