Alot of niggers keep asking me “yow Bird,wat do women fantasize about sex” ?
Well today let me spill the beans!!
This might sound like
something women aren’t
really into. But many women
do dream about getting
molested by a man, or
fantasize about a man
walking in, carrying her
onto a haystack and nailing
her. Aww, come on, not
Women like dreaming about
a man who rips their
Versace overcoat, and her
D & G tee, and her Victoria’s
Secret lingerie and ravages
her. But
for all the men out
there, don’t ever try doing
this in reality, she’d snip
your ding dong off before
you can get past her
Versace. But a woman
wouldn’t really mind if her
own man does that to her,
of course, minus the ripping
of her expensive clothes.
Which woman doesn’t want
to be a stripper? Give her
a few shots of Absolut, and
she’d be all over the table,
flinging clothes off one
after the other. But most
women don’t do that, even
after they down an entire
bottle. They’re just way too
So the next best thing,
they dream about stripping
for an audience. They
especially love it when a
man takes out a few notes
and dangles them down her
G-strings. Women do feel a
tad awkward to talk about it
their man, but I really
think they should. That
would be two fantasies with
one stone.
Women wonder what it
would be like to be in a
man’s shoes. Or more
precisely put, they wonder
what it would be like to be
in a man’s boxers. They
dream about stories where
they could wear his long
trench coat and a cap with
nothing inside and take the
man in the front or back.
The man’s obviously
painfully playing the girl
here in this female fantasy,
and he may not really like
this much unless he’s got
some gay-like tendencies,
or if he’s willing to walk
around with a sore ass the
next morning.
But what’s the one
statement a couple who
wants to make this female
fantasy a reality has to
use? ‘Medic! Lubes. We’re
going to need a lot of
This is a one of the bigger
fantasies for women and
men. Men love to dream
about a good threesome
when there’s a great
looking exotic Asian or a
Latina girl involved.
Surprisingly, women like to
dream about the same thing
too! But they don’t want an
Asian or some far-fetched
demigod (they might), they
just want their man’s
friend! Yep, most women
would love to play the pony
with their boyfriend’s or
husband’s good friend.
A gorgeous woman
Not all women accept this
controversial fantasy for
women. But many women
secretly fantasize about
having a physical affair
with someone like Angelina
Jolie or some other hot
bombshell who always talks
like she loves to have sex
with women. Can you
believe that?! Gasp!
Women fantasize about
what it would be like to be
with someone of the same
sex, someone who knows
just how she wants to be
touched and what will make
her orgasm.
And just in case you
haven’t thought about
making love to Angelina,
girlie, she’s stated that she
finds a woman’s
body to be
the most attractive thing in
the whole world (all men
second that) and she loves
to make out with women!
Now, even if women
haven’t given girl sex a
thought, they might just
change their mind.



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