We already knew that
women love sex, but have
we ever thought of sex
positions women really
enjoy or feel comfortable
while reaching orgasm?
There are many sex
positions out there, only
some of them give more
pleasure to women.
Women are always ready to
accept and enjoy men’s
favorite sex positions but
women seldom ask for their
favourite position(s). The
time has come for men to
understand what women
really want in bed.
Remember, great sex
happens only when there is
a smooth balance between
pleasure and comfort.
We bring you five amazing
sex positions you need to
explore and women always
wanted to have.
1. Get dirty with doggy
Women definitely
enjoy doggy style. It is
probably one of the best
sex positions, and also the
most arousing position for
men. Make sure to perform
this style with intimacy and
2. The overused style,
missionary position:
doubt, the man-on-woman
position is the most common
one. It’s boring but sex
mostly begins with
missionary position, and
women still like it. In this
position women get more
intimate with their partners
through eye contact.
3. Women like riding,
cowgirl style:
It’s a big
turn-on for both the
sexes, and perhaps the
sexiest sex position.
Sometimes women like to
dominate men during sex.
In this position women can
move back and forth and
stimulate their G-spot for a
big orgasm. You may also
try reverse cowgirl
4. Get more intimate
with spoons position:
Side by side sexual
position is one of the most
comfortable sex positions,
and it can really last long.
Get naughtier by doing
some dirty talk while you
5. Out of control, the
standing position:
Sometimes women want to
jump out of the bed and
play again in standing
position. In this style, she
sits on a surface and he
thrust her from the front as
deeply as he can, and in all
likelihood gets the chance
to hit the G-spot. Try this
position in the kitchen or on
a tabletop.
Simply go ahead and give
your girl the most amazing
orgasm of her life.



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