1.She wants to spare your
If there’s something about
you that she doesn’t like,
she may think that it’s
preferable to keep you in
the dark about it. Although
this is a lie spoken with a
generous heart, if she
never tells you the things
that bother her, she might
start to resent you, which
could spell the end of the
What you should do:
Assess what the intention
behind the lie was and how
it reflects on her. Is she so
insecure that she couldn’t
come to you with the
problem? Or is she just
waiting for the right time to
blow you off? If the lie is
serious and affects the
foundation of your
relationship, then it’s time
to cut the ties. If, however,
it’s a minor problem in an
otherwise solid structure,
face the situation head-on
and make it clear that lying
is not an option in the
2.She wants to make herself
look good:
This type of lie is often told
because it makes her seem
more glamorous or
successful. Although this
might seem like a harmless
attempt to make people like
her, it can be a sign of a
more devious personality.
What you should do: If she
lied to you to try to impress
you, you might feel
flattered. On the other
hand, this is a deliberate
and mischievous lie, the
sort that could denote an
underhanded person. Be
aware that she might tell
lies about you to make you
seem more glamorous to
outsiders. Also, ask
yourself what she might do
to get ahead, and whether
she’d leave you at the
drop of a hat for somebody
who is higher on the social
3.She’s trying to hide her
Like the previous type of
lie, this one is an attempt to
wipe the slate clean, to
start fresh with a new man.
It could be because she’s
ashamed of her past, but it
could also be because she
wants to forget it. This is
often a lie to protect a
sexual history that she
thinks you’ll judge her for.
What you should do: A lie
like this can be dangerous;
if she’s lying about whom
she’s been with, there’s a
reason why, so be sure
you know what you’re
getting into. If she does
come clean about her past,
however, make sure that
you’re sensitive in your
reaction. After all, the fear
of a negative reaction is
exactly why she lied.
4.She’s protecting herself:
If she’s trying to keep her
distance from you, she
might be afraid of making
herself vulnerable. She
probably believes that if
you don’t know about the
skeletons in her closet, it’ll
be easier for her to walk
away from you without
getting hurt. This is a
popular defense
mechanism, but it can be
very hard to relate to a
person who’s caged herself
off from you.
What you should do: If you
think she’s worth the
trouble, do your best to
make her feel more
comfortable so that she can
open up. If she doesn’t
crack after a while,
however, furthering the
relationship will be next to
impossible and probably not
worth your time.
5.She doesn’t want you to
If you’re concerned about
that male coworker she’s
been spending so much time
with, she might lie about the
time they spend together.
This doesn’t mean that
there’s anything going on;
she’s just doing what she
wants without having you
fret about it. Or if you
worry about her when she
jogs outside at night, she
might do it anyway and just
not tell you. These are
relatively well-meaning lies,
but they are still quite
damaging. When you finally
find out the truth, you’ll
likely have trouble trusting
What you should do:
Explain to her that lies are
not the easy way out of
tough situations. If she
wants to do something and
you’re stewing about it,
maybe you need to trust
her judgment a little more.
On the other hand, if she’s
just willing to white-lie her
way through life, perhaps
you should cut and run.
6.She doesn’t trust you:
She may have information
she considers sensitive
and isn’t sure whether to
tell you about it. If you
don’t know each other very
well yet, this could be a
legitimate lie to protect
others’ interests. As such,
it should be seen as a
relatively loyal gesture
toward those she’s
protecting. However, if
you’re well into your
relationship and she’s still
hiding all sorts of
information from you, she
might have major trust
What you should do:
Confront her about her lack
of trust. Is it founded on
past experiences of you
blabbing or is she just
being paranoid? Be sure
she knows that you think
lying is out of bounds and
that a lack of trust is not a
solid basis for a
7.She’s manipulative:
Sometimes a liar justifies
herself by saying that she
only embellished the truth.
Some people can win
arguments and influence
people just by emphasizing
the right points — without
really lying. On the other
hand, she may lie outright
in order to control the way
you think or feel. If she
tells white lies to win
arguments or to twist you
around her finger, you
should watch out.fbcdn-photos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/557424_3846888883845_842908482_t.jpg” alt=”” />tion is a powerful
What you should do:
Seriously? Run. If you’ve
caught her in a
manipulative lie, she’s
already trying to play you.
This can only get worse could tell you a
false story about a past
relationship to see how you
react. She might tell you her
best friend thinks you’re
cute to see if your eye
wanders. This type of
testing is meant to catch
the bad guys before they
get too close.
What you should do:
Although it may be a
defensive action, it is a
sign of trouble ahead, as it
is indicative of immature
behavior. Telling you lies is
not the way to get to know
you, and a woman who
does this is unlikely to be
any more stable once you
get closer to her.
She wants to keep the
upper hand:
She might withhold
information to maintain a
sense power over you. For
instance, if a mutual friend
tells her something
important, she may keep it
from you so that she has
the inside scoop. Or she
might just keep things from
you to keep you at a
disadvantage; that way,
she can pick and choose
what to tell you and when.
What you should do: Unless
you have underlying
domination fantasies, this is
probably a problem you
should deal with promptly.
She’s found a way to keep
you under her thumb, and
as long as you allow it,
you’ll stay there. Anyone
who tries this kind of trick
likely has control issues
and will continue to
dominate you. If this
sounds unattractive to you,
get out while you can.
Liar, liar, pants on fire:
What you want to keep in
mind about lies is that they
are, by definition,
dishonest. A woman who is
keeping things from you or
just making things up has
hidden motives. Chances
are that anything you try to
build with a liar will collapse
in the end. If you find out a
woman has lied to you, try
to get her to ‘fess up, and
then you can decide
whether it’s something you
can get past or if it’s time
to throw in the towel.


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