Women like genuine guys
who are not afraid to
embrace their strengths
and weaknesses. Be
honest, humble, and
unpretentious, and you will
win her heart in no time.
Women like genuine guys
who are not afraid to
embrace their strengths
and weaknesses. Be
honest, humble, and
unpretentious, and you will
win her heart in no time.
…with her friends! Play your
cards right. Her friends
know her inside and out.
Once her friends like you,
they can easily provide you
with tips about how to win
her heart.
There’s something very
attractive about men who
have a passion. Therefore,
nurture a passion, because
that will prove to her that
you can be compassionate
towards her too. By getting
serious about something,
you will win her heart.
Open the door to a good
relationship. Chivalry might
be considered old
fashioned, but old is gold.
Never be afraid to take her
out once in a while and
drive her home at night. Be
a gentleman and win her
Be playful and tease her a
little, but don’t ever admit
that you are actually trying
to win her heart! Women
like men with a sense of
humor, so start sharpening
those skills right away!
A surefire way to win her
heart is to build rapport. Be
familiar with what she likes
and dislikes, and impress
her by remembering what
she says or by displaying
your knowledge about her
likes. You don’t have to be
a total expert, but this can
win her heart in no time
when you’re at a loss for
Nothing is more annoying
than knowing that someone
who says that they care
about what you feel does
not even really listen to
what you have to say. Be
attentive, listen to her, and
value her point of view to
win her heart effortlessly.
If you’ve gone through a
break-up, the first step to
winning her heart is making
an effort to establish
contact. Start off with a text
message, phone call, or e-
mail, and work up towards
more frequent and personal
contact to win back her
A desperate, needy, and
obsessive partner is the
last thing a girl wants! Give
her some time and space
after a break up. Try to
show your ex that you are
getting on with your life and
allowing her to go on with
hers. This will win her heart
back in no time!


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