Every guy wants to know
the secret regarding how
women think when it comes
to men and dating. What
makes them attracted
towards a certain kind of
man and what makes her
reject a certain kind at the
same time. Do looks have a
role to play? Do all women
look for money? Read on to
find out some of the best
kept secrets on how women
think when it comes to men
and dating.
Ohh he’s hot- Yup this is
what women think about
when they sight an
attractive male but that
does not mean they are
going to approach him. This
very thought gives birth to
millions of other question
about that particular guy in
her mind. She would want to
know each and every detail
about him but wonders how
to talk to him. When this is
the case she would
normally stare at him
constantly till the time he
approaches her. If you
have witnessed a woman
staring at you constantly
than she might be thinking
about you in a similar
He is a nice guy- This is
bad news for most guys out
there especially if she
thinks about you this way.
Nice guy means somewhat
an average male who is
good to be friends with but
not good enough to date.
She would keep you around
like a doormat and use you
to date other guys.
Why is he this way- Women
normally come up with this
question in their minds
when they come across a
mysterious male. They
normally tend to question
his personality and why
does he behave in the
manner that he does. When
a woman has such thoughts
she normally tends to be
more attracted towards the
man she is having such
thoughts for. She would
want to know more and
more about him and her
hunger for knowledge will
increase constantly.
He’s the one- This is the
bingo moment for most
women. This normally
happens when they sight a
male who they feel is
perfect to get into a
relationship with. Women
normally tend to become
open books towards men
they feel are perfect for a
long term relationship. They
would share anything and
everything with them.
What you don’t know yet-
Ever tried to wonder what’s
in a woman’s mind? What is
she thinking about? Do you
know that women do not
always mean what they say.
They might say something
and mean the exact
opposite. But what do
women actually want?


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