There are of course
many things that men
don’t know about
women, mainly because
they don’t want them to
know, and so they try and
keep them hidden really
well. But during my two
and a half years of
interviewing countless
ladies, I discovered
that there are many,
many more things that ladies keep hidden
from men …
-As soon as they are
alone in the house
husband leaves
for the office, kids
go to school,
roommate goes out
of town—and they
have quality free
time knowing no
one is going to walk
in on them, they
Sometimes they even
just do it if you’re
still in the house if
that quality free
time is never going
to come. Usually,
it’s while they’re in
the bathroom.
-A good majority of
them prefer to pee
outside. And in the
shower. And
sometimes they really
just want to do it in
the hot tub, but they
try not to do that
one out of respect
for everyone else
in there.
-They pluck stray
hairs from their
toes,chin, lips, moles on the
backs of their legs
and their nipples.
And they really,
really enjoy
plucking a stubborn
ingrown hair.
Getting that sucker
out is, for some
gross reason, such
sweet satisfaction.
-When they’re in
love, we smell your
clothes or the pillow
you were sleeping
on when you’re not
around. If you were
to catch them doing
this, they’d be
-They’ve all wished
that we could be
more open and
casual about sex
from time to time …
maybe go to a
swingers party,
have a threesome
or be a dirty
stripper for a night,
but with no
Deep down they
really hope that
your guy friends
secretly want to
sleep with them, and
very often they will
dress for them and
subtly flirt just so
they will. They don’t
want to bone them;
they just want them
to want them.
-They are not insulted
in the slightest by
those catcalls from
workers, as long
as they aren’t rude
or nasty. It’s kind
of flattering. They
also like it when
you get a little
jealous, to a
degree. Not in an
irrational or psycho
way, just a bit to
show you’re
protective and you
-They regularly check
in on what their
exes are up to via
Facebook, emails or
texts. As long as
they have the
technology, they
will never be fully
out of their lives or
minds. This doesn’t
mean they still love
them; they’re just
-When they have
girls’ nights, they do
bad things that you
wouldn’t approve
of like spill all of
your embarrassing
secrets, sneak
cigarettes or other
substances, and
drink way more
than they let on.
Grinding with
strangers at a club
can also sometimes
-If you’re really hot
or the sex is good,
you can be a total
idiot and they’ll still
date you for a
while. But they’ll
never marry you.
Brains and
kindness will
always trump
sexiness when it
comes to marriage
-A lot of times they
really like to have
sex on the first
date to determine
whether the
chemistry is there
and you should
have another date.
Or sometimes they’re
just plain horny
and want to get
laid. They hate being
judged for it.
-They hate waxing
their privates. Hate
it, hate it, hate it.
But, they like that
when it’s cleaned
up you go down on
them more readily. In
a perfect world,
you would go down
on them with
regularity on
naturally poofy
When a guy says
he doesn’t want
kids, it’s really a
dealbreaker for
almost every
woman who is still
of child-bearing
The majority of them
don’t really care
about how much
money you have or
make as long as
you are kind and
generous and work
hard. Laziness and
lack of motivation is
inherently unsexy.
-A lot of them are
fakers … when it
comes to their love
of sports and being
They love flaws on
guys. A little belly,
gray hairs, even a
receding hairline. It
reminds them that they
all have body
issues and that they
shouldn’t be so
insecure or hard on
themselves. Being
human is cool. But
being whiny about
your paunch or
constantly fussing
over your gray
temples is as
annoying as them always asking,
“Does this make me
look fat?”
-During sex, they’re
usually thinking
about something
other than you. A
gross and pervy
situation, another
man, being
dominated … who
knows, but they
always, always
fantasize. It
doesn’t mean they’re
not sexually
attracted to you,
they just need the
weird mental images
to get them off.
-They don’t consider
drunk kissing
cheating, as long
as they’re the ones
doing the drunk
kissing. They
consider sex with
another man
-They cherish their
independence and
“their” time more
than you’ll ever
know. They say we
miss you, but are
often secretly glad
you’re going so they
can just totally
relax and be
themselves. But they
still love it when
you come back.



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