Hennessey Performance
has unveiled a topless
version of its Venom GT
supercar for 2013. Priced
at $1.1 million, or $150,000
more than the 2013 Venom
GT coupe, the 1,200-hp
spyder promises to offer
an even greater visceral
experience than the coupe
once its top is stowed. The
Venom GT Spyder will be
include in a production run
limited to five units—two of
which are already filled—for
2013, making the open-top
car extremely rare.
Based upon the Lotus Elise,
the Venom GT combines a
high-tech lightweight British
chassis with a powerful
American V-8. The Venom
GT’s power plant is a 6.2-
liter twin-turbocharged V-8
offering a Veyron Super
Sport-equaling 1,200-hp.
The mid-engine V-8
transmits power to the rear
tires via a Ricardo six-
speed gearbox (as used in
the Ford GT).
The Venom GT coupe has a
curb weight of around
2,600 pounds, and we
anticipate the spyder
version to add a few
pounds to that number. The
open top and extra weight
should hamper performance
slightly, but its design will
provide a clear window to
the V-8 engine music.
Brembo brakes with six-
piston calipers and 15-inch
carbon ceramic rotors
reside at all four corners
to bring the car to a high-
speed halt.
The Venom GT Spyder is
manufactured at
Silverstone, England, with
engines supplied by
Hennessey’s Texas
headquarters. Venom GT
Spyder buyers will be
offered a one-day driver
orientation and instruction
program by a Hennessey
factory test driver at a
track in the UK or USA prior
to delivery
by Benjamin Greene
Vehicle Specs
Base Price
6.2-liter twin-turbocharged
1,200 hp @ 6,500 rpm
1,155 lb-ft @ 4,200 rpm
6-speed manual
0–60 mph
2.7 seconds (estimated)
Top Speed
250 mph (estimated)
2,800 lb (estimated)
183 inches
Front: 255/30R-20, Rear:
345/30R-20 (estimated)Hennessey


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