Playing HARD TO GET can help you get Her

Playing hard to
get. Should you
do it? Does it
help you when
dating? Turns out science
can shed some light on how
playing hard to get could
actually benefit you. In a
recent study published in
Psychological Science,
women were more attracted
when they were uncertain if
a guy liked them a lot than
when they were sure a guy
really liked them.
In psychology we have
learned about the
reciprocity principle: we
tend to like someone if they
like us. But what if we don’t
know if someone really
likes us or not? How does
uncertainty affect how we
feel about someone else?
And, why would we be more
attracted to someone who
we weren’t even sure was
really interested in us?
Researchers Erin R.
Whitchurch and Timothy D.
Wilson of the University of
Virginia and Daniel T.
Gilbert of Harvard
University recruited 47
female undergraduates.
The participants were told
that male students from two
other universities had
looked at the
profile of several college
women, including their own
profile. The women were
then shown the profiles of
four men. One group was
told that they were looking
at men who had liked their
profile the most, the second
group was told that they
were viewing the men who
had given them an average
rating, and the last group
(the uncertain condition)
was told that they were
viewing men who liked them
either the most or had
given them average


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