elements that
trigger attraction in a
woman are different than
they are for a man. The
ultimate feeling of attraction
is likely the same, but what
creates it are different in
men and women.
So, when we are talking
about female psychology,
we need to understand how
it is very different than
male psychology – and in
particular, how this relates
to meeting women and
Lets start with this study
female attraction
with a quick synopsis of
what male attraction is,
what it looks like and how it
usually happens.
Male Attraction-Female attraction
Attraction for men starts
with the physical. You see
her across the lounge, cafe
or bookstore and feel that
twinge of excitement in
your gut. You know that
feeling don’t you? This is
called attraction. It’s a
biochemical reaction to
certain physical stimuli.
Now, at first glance, it
seems us guys are rather
shallow doesn’t it? Some
girl with a great body and a
cute smile will trigger our
“attraction” process? Well,
in many ways, YES. But,
there is something deeper
happening here which is a
result of our evolutionary
Forgetting for a moment the
cultural images of beauty,
and how it shapes our
attraction process (and it
does, I assure you), lets
look at the baseline reality
of “reproduction”.
There are certain physical
images in women, certain
characteristics and traits,
which signal to men that the
woman in question is fertile
and mother-ready. Large
breasts & curvy hips are
the most clear examples of
To the biological man, these
images signal “woman”.
They are timeless, and we
cannot deny their impact
upon us. Attraction for men
is mostly tied in to this
specific process.
To tie this all together (and
to avoid the rabid female
response which is
inevitable – “you treat us
as objects!”), it’s important
to note that – at least in my
experience – there are 2
important stages of
attraction for a man:
1) The physical/biological
(as covered above) 2) The
The emotional feminine is
when you are speaking with
“her” and find her
attractive in a deeper way.
Her personality clicks with
yours. Her voice excites
you. Her eyes are more
than just objects. Her
energy flows in a way which
wakes you up…etc.
The physical is important
for us – it’s kind of the
GATE that she must pass
through in order to have
the opportunity to show us
her more feminine/emotional
side which is the part that
will lead to long-term
attraction and connection.
Female Attraction
The short answer to “what
is female attraction” is…the
reverse of the above.
What attracts her initially,
more than anything else, is
a certain vibe or presence
in you. Let’s call it
“masculinity”. But, that
inevitably conjures up
images of Russell Crowe
and Mickey Rourke (seen
“The Wrestler” yet? I
hope Mickey wins…).
But, what I teach, and what
I have found to be the
ultimate trait which naturally
attracts women – which
triggers their attraction
“process” – is a little thing
I call…
A guy who is secure. His
vibe is not needy, nor is it
totally isolated. He’s able to
talk to people in a relaxed
way because nothing life-
shattering is at stake. His
self-esteem is not on the
line. He needs no external
validation, his energy is
Some of the ugly catch-
phrases in our world are
“neediness” and “seeking
validation”. These are the
2 cursed characteristics in
men. And, it’s true that
these 2 traits destroy more
possibilities for guys than
they could even possibly
So, while you memorize
your routines and gimmicks
for your next outing to
meet women, while you
contemplate which pick-up
artist to study and learn
from, remember this…
None of it will help you AT
ALL unless you’ve
addressed and corrected
any – and I mean ANY –
issues related to being
A guy who is self-secure is
also known as…a MAN (in
my humble opinion).
Nothing wrong with learning
a little gimmick here or
there to get you out the
door and into the party (so
to speak), but your primary
focus should be on
developing SECURITY with
yourself. This is the
ultimate skill needed to
master female attraction.
Next comes the physical
elements. So, your look,
your social skills, your
breath, your hair style,
your genetic looks, etc.
Sure, they are important.
But, to women – they are
secondary. Unless you
have a vibe of “healthy,
secure, man” you won’t
attract the highest calibre
of woman into your life.
Understanding female
psychology, and these 2
important parts to female
attraction, is important for
you (if you’re a single guy,
that is). If you want to
attract women TO you, then
there must be something,
someone “there” to attract
her to – right?
Everything which follows,
whether it’s the structure
for meeting women (mine is
simple – engage/hook/
connect), whether it’s the
social skills for attracting
them, whether it’s the
importance in establishing
and maintaining a strong
emotional connection with
them, all the way down to
how you ask for her phone
number…it all MATTERS.g success in terms of
their lack of social skill. The
hardest thing for most guys
to SEE is that, although this
is a part of their challenge,
the real issue is something
bigger. Their lives have no
meaning. Their social lives
have no vitality. And they
spend their lives chasing
carrots that they never
actually catch. They never
question the fundamentals
of their actual, real life.
So, instead, they cloak
themselves with gimmicks
and routines, as they are
“certain” that they just
need to learn how to
approach more women.
Then, when this doesn’t
fully work, they realize
they need more gimmicks,
and they need to dress
differently. Then, when this
doesn’t satisfy, they add
even more surface appeal.
They are treating women
like men – humans who
respond first to the
physical. Which is precisely
why this doesn’t fully work.
To see that it is something
much deeper and more
profound. A lack of
something central, solid and
consistent. A lack of
anything which is not pulled
in a million-&-1 different
directions when he sees a
pretty girl. Something
stable. Something secure.
Without this, no amount of
gimmickry and polish will
matter my man.
She will know (very quickly
in fact) that you aren’t who
you say you are…3lvo


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