For our purposes, lets
assume she’s an only child,
as this is simpler (the
impact of other sisters and
brothers is large btw).
So, without any further
ado, I present “Evolution
of a Hottie” (with apologies
to the cast of “Heathers”).
BORN: Baby, and “cute” –
hopefully cared for and
loved, perhaps even
slightly spoiled.
Nonetheless, everything
proceeds as normal –
Gerbers, Teddy Bears,
Cribs, Slobber, Walking,
Cute Clothes etc…
This type tends not to be
open to a relationship, but
is rather at a less
advanced stage of
evolution (a more advanced
stage would be open to a
kids in the picture, so the
“center of attention” she is
now no longer. She is
placed by the supervisors
in and around other girls.
She learns to socialize a
bit, how to “share”, how to
ask for what she needs or
wants, how to communicate.
She probably takes a few
bumps and bruises from the
others (boys and girls), but
overall has a pretty good
experience and “likes
FAMILY: If she’s a
burgeoning “hottie” her
family and friends of family,
are always telling her how
“adorable” she is, how
“cute and lovely” she is –
all of which is true. She
begins to feel that her
appearance “matters”, and
that it gets her that
precious commodity,
“attention”…this continues,
perhaps, for many years.
school, she realizes that
she can get even more
attention for being
attractive and pretty. In
fact, she notices that she
receives special treatment
from teachers and other
students alike. Also, now
the first brushes with
“boys” happens. She likely
has her small group of
friends, as the mothers
make a point to put them
together before school
begins so that they have
friends (it’s the same for
us boys). She now senses
the beginnings of female
competition. The girls
compete for the cutest
lunchbox, backpack, dress,
lipstick, blush…SHOES…it’s
all starting to happen just
like Mother Nature
They begin to sense that
the “boys” like the “cute”
stuff, and wear it more and
more with that in mind. They
also begin to “gossip”
about the other girls and
boys. They notice the
slightest barbs of jealousy
attached to the “gossip”
intended for their female
friends. They also slowly
increase their interest in
the “cute stuff” as it helps
them better compete with
the girls, while also
garnering much more of
that precious commodity,
“attention”. However, up to
now, the “attention” is
never attached to
“romance” or “sexuality”,
as that has yet to be
awakened…which leads us
to Phase II….
Around the age of 9, 10 or
so, girls begin to change…
puberty affects their
hormones just as it does
with us boys. They now
begin to feel a slight
“attraction” for the boys,
sometimes before the
precious “attention” and
sometimes after.
Nonetheless, the
competition now increases
between the girls, to see
who can get the most
“attention” from the boys.
The “cute stuff” also now
expands to include slightly
(or not) revealing clothing,
sexier makeup, more flashy
handbags and shoes…all
worn to school in the middle
grades, to impress the
boys, but also to impress
the girls. The girls
cattiness and gossip now
increases as they must
struggle with their own
social ladder in hopes of
climbing to the top. By
dragging one hottie down
the ladder, the self-hottie
goes up the ladder.
They like stimulation, as it
evokes the feminine need
for a flow of energy. The
young girls,
subconsciously, begin to
seek this flow of energy –
both in positive and
negative ways. They
purchase more “cute stuff”
to attract a greater flow of
energy to them, and they
also gossip in order to
climb to a higher rung
where there is more
attention, more energy
flow, more good feelings.
Perhaps her first kiss
happens here, or perhaps
not – either way, social
status DOES depend
somewhat on ones
relationship to the phases
of sexual initiation:
1. Kiss
2. French Kiss
3. Touch
4. Sex
You might recognize these
as the four “bases” (love
our National Pastime). Boys
are the same, of course,
bragging about their
exploits and rankings. For
girls though, it is a quieter,
more cunning art of
bragging. They can see
that the boys make
constant plays for their
attention and affection. To
be too “easy”, would be
bad for the social ladder.
So, they learn to protect
themselves by roaming in
packs, they play subtle
games with boys: feigning
interest, pulling away,
conjuring up tests, in order
to see if he “really likes
me”. They realize now the
all-powerful belief, my body
is desired, and can assist
me to increase the “flow of
energy” from the outside
world…let the games begin……3lvo


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