BMW Unveils the HP4 Superbike

HP4, BMW Motorrad now
takes the next step in this
area.The new bike
not only has Brembo
monoblock brake calipers
and 9x floating brake discs
at the front but also a
further developed and
refined Race ABS.
As before, this ABS has
four different modes for
wet surfaces (“Rain”),
roads (“Sport”), race track
with supersports tyres
(“Race”) and race track with
slicks (“Slick”). Racing
experience gained from the
IDM (International German
Motorcycle Championship)
has been fed directly into
the Race ABS fitted in the
Dynamic Damping
Control DDC – a world
first in serial
HP4. In “Slick” mode, the
so-called IDM setting with
refined regulation impulses
now gives the skilled rider
the option of maximum
possible deceleration
New 200/55 ZR 17
tires on the rear wheel
and finely adjustable
Dynamic Traction
Control in “Slick” mode.
The HP4 uses a rear tire in
the new format 200/55 ZR
17. The Dynamic Traction
Control DTC already used in
the RR has been optimized
for supersports use in the
HP4: now the effect of
traction control can be
adapted in “Slick” mode to
changing conditions and the
rider’s individual
preference while on the
Launch Control for
perfect starts and shift
assistant for optimum
The HP4 is the first BMW
motorcycle to have a so-
called Launch Control
function which provides
active support for the rider
in “Slick” mode to achieve
maximum acceleration from
standing – for example on
race starts. Launch Control
limits engine torque so as
to provide the maximum
torque transferable from
the rear wheel whenever
the front wheel is under no
throttle. This means the
rider has to focus less on
the throttle because he is
controlling acceleration
solely using the clutch. In
addition, when Launch
Control is activated engine
torque is reduced as soon
as the system detects front
wheel lift. This prevents
unwanted wheelies when
The HP4 allows the rider to
make instant gearshifts
with virtually no
interruption of tractive
force by means of the shift
assistant, fitted as
standard. This helps gain
valuable fractions of a
second on the race track,
Weight reduction due
to forged wheels,
lighter sprocket
carrier, titanium
exhaust system and
lighter battery.
New finely wrought 7-
spoke wheels in forged
light alloy and a new,
lighter sprocket carrier
give the HP4 a weight
reduction of 5.2 lbs. as
compared to the RR.
The exhaust system is
made entirely of titanium
and saves as much as 9.9
lbs. as compared to the RR,
thereby contributing to the
HP4’s enhanced handling
qualities. The new exhaust
system has an interference
pipe between cylinders two
and three, a controlled
acoustic valve and a
closed-loop catalytic
converter. It has been
possible to optimize the
torque curve thanks to the
new exhaust system, with
the engine application
adapted accordingly.
Sharpened engine set-
up and more torque in
the mid-range.
The new HP4 is fitted with
the water-cooled 4-cylinder
in-line engine of the S 1000
RR with a peak output of
142 kW (193 hp) at 13,000
rpm and a maximum engine
speed of 14,200 rpm. As in
the RR, its maximum torque
of 112 Nm goes on stream
at 9,750 rpm. The torque
has been perceptibly
increased in the 6,000 rpm
to 9,750 rpm range. In
“Rain” mode there is now a
smoother output and torque
curve available between
2,500 rpm and 8,000 rpm.
Unlike the RR, the 4-
cylinder in-line engine in
the HP4 provides the full
output of 142 kW (193 bhp)
at 13,000 rpm in all modes
– “Rain”, “Sport”, “Race”
Supersports fittings
for sporty riders.
The HP4 has numerous
special features to meet the
needs of sports and racing
Fork bridge with
engraved number and
HP4 logo.
Lightest 1000
supersports bike with
four cylinders: 199 kg
(90% DIN unladen weight)
Innovative suspension
with Dynamic Damping
Control DDC.
Race ABS with IDM
Dynamic Traction Control
DTC with fine adjustment
in “Slick” mode.
Launch Control.
Adapted wheelie
New rear wheel tyres,
200/55 ZR 17.
Shift assistant as
Light titanium exhaust
system with controlled
acoustic valve and
interference pipe.
Forged light alloy wheels,
anodised in black.
Radial monoblock brake
calipers by Brembo with
special brake pads.
9x floating brake discs
at front.
Extended, dual-section
engine spoiler.
Seat in monoposto look
with passenger seat
LED turn indicators.
Tinted windshield.
Lighter 7 Ah battery.
engine set-up.
Increased torque in the
medium engine speed
Long, closed engine
spoiler made of carbon.
Sponsor sticker kit
Wheels in Racing blue
HP Carbon badge carrier.
HP Carbon tank.Bmw Hp4BmwBmw hp4Bmw hp4


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