Drunk Man Slips Into Sleeping Neighbors’ Bed

(AP) — Authorities say a
Michigan couple got an
unexpected visit from a
drunken 27-year-old
neighbor who wandered
into their cottage and
climbed into bed with them.
The Livingston County Daily
Press & Argus of Howell
reports that the man
showed up in their Putnam
Township bedroom around
3:30 a.m. Sunday.
Police say the couple left
and called 911, and that
officers found the man
deeply asleep with his
shorts partly down.
Police say the intruder
said, “This isn’t my house,”
upon waking. He explained
he went out drinking
nearby after putting his 2-
and 4-year-old children to
sleep at his own home a
few doors down.
The children were found
sound asleep and placed
with neighbors. Their father
was booked on suspicion of
illegal entry and released
on bond.


7 thoughts on “Drunk Man Slips Into Sleeping Neighbors’ Bed

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