2013 Audi R8 V10 plus

The R8 V10 plus is
new top model in the
model series, with a totally
new 7-speed S tronic. The
LED headlights and the new
rear indicator lights with
dynamicized display are
standard equipment on all
4.44 meters (14.44 ft) long,
1.90 meters (6.23 ft) wide
and only 1.25 (4.10 ft)
meters high (Spyder: 1.24
meters (4.07 ft)) – the
broad Audi R8, developed
and built by quattro GmbH,
stands firmly on the road,
ready to pounce. New
details lend its design even
more acuity. The single-
frame grille with the
beveled upper corners is
painted high-gloss black,
with horizontal chrome
inserts adorning the struts
on the V10 variants. The
bumper is also new, with
the air inlets bearing three
crossbars each. As an
option, Audi installs a front
splitter made of carbon
fiber reinforced plastic
(CFRP). The splitter is
standard on the new R8
V10 plus.
LED headlights with a new
technology are now
standard on all variants of
the Audi R8. The light-
emitting diodes for the high
and low beams have been
placed above and below the
running lights, which are
specially actuated to serve
as indicators. In addition,
static turning lights are
integrated in the headlights.
The housings of the
outside mirrors and the
side blades, the lateral air
inlets on the Coupé, are
made from CFRP on the new
R8 V10 plus top model. In
the 10-cylinder variants
the blades extend
outwards farther than on
the V8 and have special
edging; small marks of
distinction also occur at the
sills. The vent louvers
next to the rear window
have an aluminum look on
the R8 V10 Coupé (matt
black on the R8 V8 Coupé
and R8 V10 plus). As an
option, LEDs illuminate the
engine compartment; in the
R8 V10 plus this illumination
as well as a partial CFRP
lining for the engine
compartment are standard.
The LED lights dominate the
rear of the Audi R8. One
innovation from Audi is the
indicator light with dynamic
display at the bottom edge
of the lamp – its light
always proceeds towards
the outside, in the direction
the driver wishes to turn.
Above the high-gloss black
area between the vent
openings sits the new
badge – the letter “R”
resting partly on a red
diamond, the Audi Sport
signature. The large
diffusor, optionally CFRP
(standard on the R8 V10
plus), has been pulled far
upwards. In all engine
versions the exhaust
system terminates in two
round, glossy tailpipe trim
sections, painted black on
the R8 V10 plus.
Audi offers the R8 in the
two solid colors Ibis White
and Brilliant Red, in four
metallic shades and with
five pearl effect / crystal
effect coatings. For the R8
V10 plus a matt effect color
is available as an
exclusive feature. The side
blades on the Coupé come
in eight colors, while the
soft top of the R8 Spyder
comes in black, red or
The R8 embodies Audi’s full
expertise in ultra-
lightweight design. The
aluminum body with the Audi
Space Frame (ASF) weighs
only 210 kilograms (462.97
lb) on the Coupé, and 216
kilograms (476.20 lb) on the
Spyder. The unladen R8 V8
Coupé with manual
transmission registers just
1,560 kilograms (3439.21
lb) on the scales, while the
open-top sports car weighs
kilograms (3659.67
lb). The R8 V10 plus,
available only as a coupé,
brings the needle to 1,570
kilograms (3461.26 lb).
Adjustable bucket seats
with glass fiber reinforced
plastic (GFRP) chassis, less
use of insulating materials,
special light alloy wheels
and chassis components,
including the standard
ceramic brakes, as well the
CFRP add-on parts at the
body all contribute to
lowering the weight.
On the Audi R8 Spyder the
lid on the soft top
compartment and the side
parts are also CFRP. The
elegant, lightweight fabric
top, with its largely
aluminum and magnesium
linkage, is the crowning
touch to the ultra-
lightweight design. The top
opens and closes
electrohydraulically in 19
seconds, and during
driving at up to 50 km/h
(31.07 mph). The heated
window pane in the
bulkhead between the
passenger and engine
compartments stands apart
from the soft top; the
window can be retracted
and extended by a switch
and also serves as a wind
deflector. In case of a
pending rollover, two
strong, spring-tensioned
sections shoot upwards
from the seats.
As in car racing, the
aerodynamics of the Audi
R8 has been optimized for
propulsion. The underfloor
contains five NACA nozzles,
with two diffusors in
the front section, which
increase the propulsion at
the front axle. The drag
coefficient is 0.35 or 0.36
depending on the engine
version and body shape;
the frontal area measures
1.99 m2 (21.42 ft2).
The engines are assembled
by hand. The V8 with 4,163
cc displacement and the
V10 with its 5,204 cc
displacement are
captivating, naturally
aspirated heavy-duty
engines packed with power.Audi


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