How to quickly repair your Mobile Phone dropped in water

Many of you get
your mobile
phone wet by one
way or another.
You worry as you
your mobile
phone in water. It
can also get wet
if you are out in a
However, there is
need to panic.
It is possible to
save your wet
mobile phone by
quickly repairing
it. In order to
save your mobile
phone from water
damage, you can
consider these
easy and simple
Act rapidly :
The first thing
you have to do in
order to save
your wet mobile
phone is to act
rapidly. Quickly
remove all the
detachable parts
as well as covers
possible such as
the back cover,
battery, the SIM
card, memory
card etc. Next,
take a piece of
cloth or a tissue
paper to wipe the
excess water you
are able
to notice
within the mobile
phone. Make sure
that you dry it
completely. If you
don’ t do this, the
water inside the
mobile phone will
begin to
evaporate and
gather in places
which will be
difficult to reach.
This will save
your wet mobile
phone and it will
start working if it
was under water
for just a little
Using a
hairdryer :
Take a hairdryer
and begin drying
the mobile phone
while giving more
consideration to
the place where
the battery is
located. The
battery housing
usually consists
of tiny holes to
let in air (so
giving more
space for water)
inside the mobile
Make sure that
you are not
holding the
hairdryer very
near to the mobile
phone. Keeping it
too close to the
mobile phone may
harm the
mechanism of the
mobile phone.
Keep on drying
the mobile phone
from a safe
distance for
about twenty to
thirty minutes.
If solution
number 1 and
solution number 2
don’t work, try
solution number
Drying for a
long time:
Take off the
covers as well as
battery from the
mobile phone. Put
the phone in a
dry as well as
warm place to let
the water inside
the phone
gradually from
the little holes in
the mobile phone.


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