One of the most confusing
quasi-love feelings is lust.
Lust is a very powerful,
very intense feeling of
physical attraction toward
another person. Lust is
mainly sexual in nature –
the attraction is superficial
based on instant chemistry
rather than genuine caring.
Usually we lust after people
we do not know well, people
we still feel comfortable
fantasizing about. It is very
common for people to
confuse lust for love. But
why? What is it about lust
and love that make them so
easy to mix up? If lust is all
about sex, how can a
relationship without sex be
about lust? Teens struggle
with this because they see
lust in the Biblical sense,
but lust isn’t that sinister.
Lust is about physical
attraction and acting ONLY
on physical attraction. Love
is about much more than
that. Yet many teens (and
to be fair, many adults)
confuse an intense
attraction for some sort if
divine love. For teens,
since feelings of attraction
are still new and since pop-
culture sells sex and love
as one package, it is very
easy to get the two mixed
Lust is clearly not love.
Love is based on more than
just physical attraction.
Sure, attraction is a factor,
but love goes deeper than
that. Love is based on
caring, friendship,
commitment and trust. When
you are in love it is as if
you have your best most
trusted friend at your side
AND you feel physically
attracted to them. It is the
best of both worlds! Love is
a shared feeling between
two people who have a
vested interest in one
anothers happiness. Love
is not about jealousy. It is
not about conflict. It is not
about testing. Love is a
positive feeling. If it is
tainted by mistrust,
jealousy, insecurity or
spitefulness it is not really
love but merely a pale
copy. Love is the total
surrender of your heart to
another person with the
security of knowing they
will treat it better than you
will. Love should feel good.
It should not feel bad. Love
should make you want to be
a better person, it should
not lead you to do
something self destructive.
Love is not demanding of
your spirit but lifts it and
makes it glow. Love is a
good thing. Anything less is
lust, deep friendship or
attraction. So the sappiness
aside, the question
remains, how can you tell
you are in love?
There is no easy way to
find the truth behind your
feelings or the feelings of
another person but there
are some tell-tale signs
that love is blooming (or
growing deeper). If you
agree with
7 of the
following 9 statements
you are probably in love.
1. You know, because
you have been told
by your significant
other, that your
deep feelings are
returned in kind.
2. The object of your
affections makes
you feel special and
good about yourself.
3. If/when you feel
jealous it is always
fleeting; you trust
your partner not to
betray you or hurt
your relationship.
4. Nothing makes you
feel as serene as
when you and your
partner are
5. When you fight with
your partner you
usually make up
within a few hours
and you always
agree that nothing is
more important than
you both being able
to express your
true feelings (even
if they sometimes
cause conflict).
6. Your partner never
asks you to choose
between him/her and
your loyalties to
your family and
friends – if you do
choose him/her over
them you always
have a good reason
and it is always
YOUR decision, and
your decision alone.
7. Neither you or your
partner feel the
need to test the
other’s loyalties or
8. You are more
yourself when with
your partner than
you are with
anybody else.
9. If sex is part of
your relationship it
is by mutual desire
and agreement
without the slightest
hint of commitment
testing or



Engine Capacity:
Engine Layout:
79.0 x 91.5mm
Compression Ratio:
Fuel Type:
Recommended Fuel
N.A contribute
Max Power:
138 Bhp / 6400 rpm
Max Torque:
170 Nm / 4400 rpm
0-100 km/h:
7.5 secs
Top Speed:
201 km/h
76.9 bhp/litre
Drive Train
Drive Train Type:
Manual Sequential
Fuel Consumption
Fuel Consumtion
N.A contribute
Extra Urban:
N.A contribute
6.76 litre/100km (14.8 km/
C02 Emission:
N.A contribute
Gross Weight:
N.A contribute
Kerb Weight:
1003 kg
N.A contribute
N.A contribute
N.A contribute
N.A contribute
N.A contribute
N.A contribute
Ground Clearance:
N.A contribute
Turning Radius:
N.A contribute
Seating Capacity:
Boot Capacity:
N.A contribute
Fuel Capacity:
N.A contribute
Tyre Size:
Front Brakes:
N.A contribute
Rear Brakes:
N.A contribute
Front Suspension:
N.A contribute
Rear Suspension:
N.A contribute
NCAP Rating:
Not Tested
Driver Airbag
Passenger Airbag:
Standard Equipment
Power Windows.



1.Understand That
What Turns You On
Isn’t Necessarily What
Turns Her On
Women do get turned
via their eyes;
however, your
favorite porn movie
probably isn’t going to do
the trick. Porn is still made,
by and large, for men. Want
to know what turns her
Take a look through her
magazines and books, think
over the movies she
insisted on seeing, and
you’ll get a good idea of
what she likes to think
about when she wants to
get in the mood.
Does she have any erotic
literature hidden away?
Read through it when she’s
not around and get a good
idea of its tone and feel so
you can surprise her with a
new book along the same
vein. Don’t admit you’ve
been digging through her
private stuff, just tell her
that a friend told you this
new book really turned his
girlfriend on when he read
to her from it and see if
she’s game to having you
do the same.
2. Talk to Her About
Sex Articles From a
A great way to get her
thinking about sex with you
is to get her talking about
sex in general.
Flip through both of your
current magazines and find
interesting articles on sex
where you learned
something new. If it’s your
magazine make sure it’s
something positive for
women, like a new position,
or great tips on oral sex to
give her more pleasure…
but here’s the trick, don’t
bring it up when you want
to get some… bring it up
when you’re out at dinner
together, or on a way to a
friend’s party. She’ll be
impressed you’re thinking
about improving your sex
life together and the
conversation will probably
be steamy and enlightening
for the both of you.
3. Flatter Her in
Unexpected Ways
One of the biggest things
women complain about is
that men only compliment
them when they’re already
in the mood for sex and
can’t wait to jump on them.
Stop flattering her when
you’re already drooling and
give her small but
thoughtful compliments
throughout the day. Tell
her she how great she
looks when you pass her in
the hall on the way to
class, or when she’s on
her way to work. Call her
the day after she made
dinner for you and tell her
how much you appreciated
it, leave a note on her car
and tell her you’re thinking
about her, bring her
flowers just because.
4. Be a Tease
The great seducers are
great teases. They know
the brain is the biggest sex
and they know how
to get the mind of the
object of their seduction
teased into sexual
interest in subtle, slight of
hand ways without being
overt and obvious. Just
how sly can you be? Just
how sweet and flirty can
you be? Just how many
ways can you insert
seemingly innocent double
entendres into your
conversations together?
5. Indulge All of Her
Plan a short road trip, or
just a full day of fun, and
consciously work on
indulging all of her senses
in sexy and imaginative
ways. Make sure you smell
great, wearing a touch of
her favorite cologne (but
not too much). Choose great
music to listen to in
the car. Eat at one of her
favorite restaurants, or try
new and exotic
you’ve heard good things
about. Spend time in nature
in some place beautiful. Go
to an amusement park and
ride the roller coasters and
eat some great chocolate.
6. Dress to the Nines
For a Big Night Out
Most women love to get
dressed up for a big night
out. Sure they love to
spend hours making
themselves gorgeous but
they also love to see how
great you look all spiffed
up. Take her to a play, the
opera, and a concert, any
excuse for you to put on a
suit and tie and remind her
why she was so attracted
to you in the first place.
7. Take Her to a Sexy
It’s the holiday season and
that means romantic movies
for adults are coming out,
take her to see one
starring the male lead she
likes the most. Yeah, I
know, you probably think
it’s just a chick flick, but
hey, if it gets her hot and
bothered to see Jude Law
making out with a beautiful
co-star who are you to
complain? If you can’t find
one playing that she likes
rent something romantic,
sexy and foreign. The
French especially make
great movies with adult
plots, and yes adult sex,
handled in a tasteful but
amazingly sexy ways that
will have your girl ready to
go before the movies even
8. Take Her Lingerie
Don’t come home with some
bright red or bright purple
pair of crotch-less panties
wrapped up for her to
freak over. No, here the
idea is to get both of you
excited with the adventure
of lingerie shopping. Make
an afternoon of it. Check
out both the hot little
boutique that sells the
expensive European stuff
as well as one of those new
friendlysex shops that
sells everything from
seamed stocking to the
latest sex toys. While
you’re at it, buy a new sex
toy together, let her pick it
out. By the time you get
home she’ll both be ready
to model the lingerie for
you and use the toy.
9. Surprise Her With
Dinner and a Hot Bath
Tell her you’re going to
take care of dinner for a
change. If you cant
cook buy some nice things
at your local gourmet
grocery store and arrange
them nicely.and some festive mixed
drinks, or a great bottle of
wine. Tell her to call when
she’s on her way so you
can surprise her by
running a hot bath. Use
bubbles (kudos if you buy
her some new great
smelling bath soap), light
candles, and if you’re
really romantic, sprinkle
rose petals from the door
to the bathroom.
10. Spend an Evening
With a Few Red Shoe
Diaries & a Great
Bottle of Wine
Yes, they’re pretty tame
compared to your favorite
porn, but the Red Shoe
Diaryvideos are pretty racy
to what most
women are use to watching.
The stories are a bit silly,
but the actors are great to
look at for both sexes. And
I guarantee after a night
where you ran her a hot
bath (which you might have
shared), and you made (or
brought in) a great dinner,
after a couple of these films
trust me, she’ll
be ready to
drag you off to the



Sometimes the signs that
tell a girl is horny are
subtle, sometimes, they’re
overt. Either way, it’s a
good idea to know what
they are and how to spot
them. Knowing when a girl is
horny can help put the
odds in your favor when
picking up girls for the first
time, or taking it to the
next level with girls you
already know. Here are five
signs that tell she’s horny.
1. Eye Fucking
If a girl is looking at you in
a lustful way, she’s eye
fucking you. When a girl
eye fucks you, it tells that
she is into you and wants
you to talk to her. If she
seems embarrassed when
she sees that you noticed,
she might be a little shy,
but probably still interested
in you. So the next time you
get eye fucked by an
attractive stranger, don’t
hesitate to flirt with her and
see where things go.
2. Physical Indicators
Two common physical
indicators that tell a girl is
horny is a slightly wet
crotch and erect nipples,
but these aren’t always
possible to identify without
coming off as creepy and
getting slapped. So instead,
keep an eye open for a
quickened heart rate and
breathing rate. Think of
how male movie stars are
referred to as heart throbs
because they make the
hearts of their female fans
flutter. The good news is
you don’t have to be a
movie star to get the same
reaction from girls, so look
out for it.
3. Touchy Feely
When a girl is aroused,
she’ll want to touch you. If
she is more touchy feely
with you, it’s a good
indicator that she’s horny.
Some specific areas she’ll
touch are your shoulders,
chest, and arms. This is
especially true if you’re well
built in these areas. Don’t
be too surprised if she
reaches for your crotch or
behind too.
4. Kinkier
If she’s talking more
suggestively to you, she
might be horny. We’re not
going to say she is
definitively horny because
some girls are just more
sexual than others. If you
are already good friends
with her, it is easier to
gauge whether or not her
kinky conversation is
something to act upon.
To make the conversation
kinkier, she might mention
past sexual experiences,
make sexual double
entendres, or tell you
straight out she’d have
sex with a guy like you.
The important thing here is
to make sure you are
comfortable enough with
being sexual yourself and
can keep up with her. This
can really get things
5. Complimenting Your
If she’s giving you
compliments, that’s
definitely a good sign. If
her compliments have to do
with your looks or physical
features, that’s an even
better sign. She may
comment on how big your
hands, arms, or chest are.
Or she’ll compliment how
you look in your pants,
shirt, jacket, etc. Just be
sure to be able to
differentiate between polite
compliments with horny
compliments. The main
difference between these
types of compliments is how
sexual they are. If she just
tells you she likes your
shirt, she’s probably just
giving you a polite
compliment. But if she tells
you she likes how your
body fills out your shirt,
she’s giving you a hint. Hence:
Every girl has her own
quirks to tell she is horny.
Some examples of this are
when she plays with her
hair, scratches the back or
her neck, or licks her lips.
These vary from girl to girl
and can definitely be hard
to spot in a stranger. If
you can manage to figure
them out, it’ll help out a lot.



Do men really have
stronger sex drives than
Well, yes, they do. Study
after study illustrates that
men’s sex drives are not
only stronger than
women’s, but much more
straightforward. The
sources of women’s libidos,
by contrast, are much more
difficult to pin down.
It’s common wisdom that
women place more value on
emotional connection as a
spark of sexual desire. But
women also appear to be
heavily influenced by social
and cultural factors as well.
Birds do it, bees do it, and
men do it any old time. But
women will only do it if the
candles are scented just
right — and their partner
has done the dishes first. A
“Sexual desire in women is
extremely sensitive to
environment and context,”
says Edward O. Laumann,
PhD, a professor of
sociology at the University
of Chicago and lead author
of a major survey of
sexual practices, The
Social Organization of
Sexuality: Sexual Practices
in the United States.
Here are seven patterns of
men’s and women’s sex
drives that researchers
have found. Bear in mind
that individuals may vary
from these norms.
13 Common Sex Drive
1. Men think more
about sex.
The majority of adult men
under 60 think about sex
at least once a day,
reports Laumann. Only
about one-quarter of
women report this level of
frequency. As men and
women age, each fantasize
less, but men still fantasize
about twice as often.
In a comprehensive survey
of studies comparing male
and female sex drives, Roy
Baumeister, a social
psychologist at Florida
State University, found that
men reported more
spontaneous sexual
arousal and had more
frequent and varied
2. Men seek sex more
“Men want sex more often
than women at the start of
a relationship, in the middle
of it, and after many years
of it,” Baumeister concludes
after reviewing several
surveys of men and women.
This isn’t just true of
heterosexuals, he reports:
gay men also have higher
frequency of sex than
lesbians at all stages of the
relationship. Men also say
they want more sex
partners in their lifetime,
and are more interested in
casual sex.
Men are more likely to seek
sex even when it is
frowned upon or even
About two-thirds say
they masturbate, even
though about half also
say they feel guilty about
it, Laumann says. By
contrast, about 40% of
women say they
masturbate, and the
frequency of
masturbation is smaller
among women.
Prostitution is still mostly
a phenomenon of men
seeking sex with women,
rather than the other
way around.
Nuns do a better job of
fulfilling their vows of
chastity than priests.
Baumeister cites a
survey of several
hundred clergy by Sheila
Murphy in which 62% of
priests admitted to
sexual activity,
compared to 49% of nuns.
The men reported more
partners on average
than the women.



What turns women on? Not
even women always seem
to know. Northwestern
University researcher
Meredith Chivers and
colleagues showed erotic
3. Women’s sexual
inclinations are more
complicated than
films to gay and straight
men and women. They
asked them about their
level of sexual arousal,
and also measured their
actual level of arousal
through devices attached
to their genitals.
For men, the results were
predictable: Straight men
said they were more turned
on by depictions of male-
female sex and female-
female sex, and the
measuring devices backed
up their claims. Gay men
said they were turned on
by male-male sex, and
again the devices backed
them up. For women, the
results were more
surprising. Straight women,
for example, saidthey were
more turned on by male-
female sex. But genitally
they showed about the
same reaction to male-
female, male-male, and
female-female sex.
“Men are very rigid and
specific about who they
become aroused by, who
they want to have sex
with, who they fall in love
with,” says J. Michael
Bailey, a Northwestern
University sex researcher
and co-author with Chivers
on the study.
By contrast, women may be
more open to same-sex
relationships thanks to
their less-directed sex
drives, Bailey says.
“Women probably have the
capacity to become sexually
interested in and fall in
love with their own sex
more than men do,” Bailey
says. “They won’t
necessarily do it, but they
have the capacity.”
Bailey’s contention is
backed up by studies
showing that homosexuality
is a more fluid state among
women than men. In
another broad review of
studies, Baumeister found
many more lesbians
reported recent sex with
men, when compared to gay
men’s reports of sex with
women. Women were also
more likely than men to call
themselves bisexual, and
to report their
orientation as a matter of
4. Women’s sex drives
are more influenced by
social and cultural
In his review, Baumeister
found studies showing
many ways in which
women’s sexual attitudes,
practices and desires were
more influenced by their
environment than men:
Women’s attitudes
towards (and willingness
to perform) various
sexual practices are
more likely than men’s to
change over time.
Women who regularly
attend church are less
likely to have permissive
attitudes about sex. Men
do not show this
connection between
church attendance and
sex attitudes.
Women are more
influenced by the
attitudes of their peer
group in their decisions
about sex.
Women with higher
education levels were
more likely to have
performed a wider
variety of sexual
practices (such as oral
sex); education made
less of a difference with
Women were more likely
than men to show
inconsistency between
their expressed values
about sexual activities
such as premarital sex
and their actual
Why are women’s sex
drives seemingly weaker
and more vulnerable to
influence? Some have
theorized it is related to
the greater power of men in
society, or differing sexual
expectations of men when
compared to women.
Laumann prefers an
explanation more closely
tied to the world of
Men have every incentive
to have sex to pass along
their genetic material,
Laumann says. By contrast,
women may be hard-wired
to choose their partners
carefully, because they are
the ones who can get
pregnant and wind up
taking care of the baby.
They are likely to be more
attuned to relationship
quality because they want a
partner who will stay
around to take care of the
child. They’re also more
likely to choose a man with
resources because of his
greater ability to support a



Men and women travel
slightly different paths to
arrive at sexual desire. “I
hear women say in my
office that desire originates
much more between the
ears than between the
5. Women take a less
direct route to sexual
legs,” says Esther Perel, a
New York City
psychotherapist and author
of Mating in Captivity. “For
women there is a need for
a plot — hence the
romance novel. It is more
about the anticipation, how
you get there; it is the
longing that is the fuel for
desire,” Perel says.
Women’s desire “is more
contextual, more
subjective, more layered
on a lattice of emotion,”
Perel adds. Men, by
contrast, don’t need to
have nearly as much
imagination, Perel says,
since sex is simpler and
more straightforward for
That does not mean that
men do not seek intimacy,
love, and connection in a
relationship, just as women
do. They just view the role
of sex differently. “Women
want to talk first, connect
first, then have sex,” Perel
explains. “For men, sex is
the connection. Sex is the
language men use to
express their tender loving
vulnerable side,” Perel
says. “It is their language
of intimacy.”
6. Women experience
orgasms differently
than men.
While researchers find it
tricky to try to quantify
issues like the differing
quality of male vs. female
orgasms, they do have
data on how long it takes
men and women to get
there. Men, on average,
take four minutes from the
point of entry until
ejaculation, according to
Laumann. Women usually
take around 10 to 11
minutes to reach orgasm —
if they do.
That’s another difference
between the sexes: how
often they have an orgasm
during sex. Among men who
are part of a couple, 75%
report that they always
have an orgasm, as
opposed to 26% of the
women. And not only is
there a difference in
reality, there’s one in
perception, too. While the
men’s female partners
reported their rate of
orgasm accurately, the
women’s male partners
reported that they believed
their female partners had
orgasms 45% of the time.
7. Women’s libidos
seem to be less
amenable to drugs.
With men’s sex drives
seemingly more directly tied
to biology when compared
to women, it may be no
surprise that low desire
may be more easily treated
through medication in men.
Men have embraced drugs
as a cure not only for
erectile dysfunction but
also for a shrinking libido.
With women, however, the
search for a drug to boost
sex drive has proved more
Testosterone has been
linked to sex drive in both
men and women. But
testosterone works much
faster in men with low
libidos than women, says
Glenn Braunstein, MD an
endocrinologist and chair of
the department of medicine
at Cedars Sinai Medical
Center in Los Angeles and a
leading researcher on
testosterone treatments in
women. And while the
treatments are effective,
they are not as effective in
women as in men. “There is
a hormonal factor in [sex
drive], but it is much more
important in men than
women,” Braunstein says.
A testosterone patch for
women called Intrinsa has
been approved in Europe
but was rejected by the
FDA due to concerns about
long-term safety. But the
drug has sparked a
backlash from some medical
and psychiatric
professionals who question
whether low sex drive in
women should even be
considered a condition best
treated with drugs. They
point to the results of a
large survey published in
the journal Obstetrics &
Gynecology last year, in
which about 40% of women
reported some sort of
sexual problem — most
commonly low sexual desire
— but only 12% report
feeling distressed about it.
With all the factors that go
into the stew that piques
sexual desire in women,
some doctors say that a
drug should be the last
ingredient to consider,
rather than the first.



The Subaru BRAT was
manufactured by Subaru
from 1977 to 1993. It was a
compact coupe utility pickup
designed to rival the Ford
Ranchero and Chevrolet El
Camino. It enjoyed brief
popularity as the market
for mini-pickup trucks
began to take hold in the
late 1970s and early ’80s.
Although discontinued as a
U.S. import in 1987, it
remained a steady seller as
the Brumby in Australia and
the Shifter in Europe.
1. Origins
The BRAT has
garnered a small,
but loyal
The BRAT, which
stands for “Bi-
Recreational All-
Transporter,” is
a Subaru Leone
converted to a
pickup. The
Leone debuted in
1971 as a front-
wheel coupe, with
the four-wheel
drive station
wagon introduced
a year later. Its
design was
influenced by
partnership with
Nissan, which
began in 1968,
and is reflected
in several
Subaru offerings
with a long hood
and short rear-
end. Subaru
broke new
ground by
offering a four-
wheel drive car,
and considered a
passenger car-
based pickup a
2. Specifications
The BRAT was
known as the
Brumby in
The 1985 BRAT
sits on a short
wheelbase and
measures 174.2
inches in length,
64.4 inches wide
and 56.3 inches
tall. Its ground
clearance is a
generous 8.3
inches and the
fuel tank carries
14.5 gallons. It
came in 11
factory colors
ranging from
black and Twilight
Blue to Mica Red
and Spice Brown.
3. Under the Hood
The BRAT’s
spare tire is
located in the
Early BRATs were
powered by a
1.6-liter 4-
cylinder engine
with the 1981 and
later models
powered by a
1.8-liter engine.
In 1983-84, an
optional 1.8-liter
version was
offered that
generated 94
were the 4-
speed manual
and a 3-speed
automatic, which
was equipped
with a push
button to switch
to 4-wheel drive.
4. Features
The BRAT came in
the DL and GL trim
levels. The DL
featured a single
set of headlamps,
while the higher
level GL sported
quad headlamps.
Otherwise, the
two models were
identical. The
most prominent
feature of the
models were the
pair of hard
plastic jumpseats
in the rear that
discontinued due
to safety
concerns. The
spare tire was
located in the
5. Presidential
Reagan’s 1978
BRAT with camper
President Ronald
Reagan owned a
1978 BRAT to
traverse his
688-acre ranch
near Santa
Barbara. The
BRAT was sold in
1998 and the
ranch was
donated to the
Young America’s
Foundation. The
vehicle ended up
on eBay in 2004,
but was
purchased by the
Young America’s
Foundation in
2005 and is now
part of the
Reagan exhibit.
BRAT’s offspring,
the 2005 Subaru
Baja, fell short of
In 2002, Subaru
brought back the
developing the
Baja based on
the Outback
model. Yet the
“Son of BRAT”
was only
produced from
2003 to 2006.
What seemed like
a good idea at
the time was
torpedoed with
styling that was
too much
passenger car
and very little of
the expected
rugged pickup.
Further, the
cargo box
featured a
midgate that
allowed the front
box wall and rear
cabin seat to fold
down to allow
extra bed space.
But the cab
window remained
fixed, limiting
what could be
placed in the
longer bed.
7. Production
From 1977 to
1987, Subaru
sold 92,445
BRATS in North
America, while
only 30,000 of
BRAT’s offspring,
the Baja, were
sold. The vehicle
was never sold
in Japan.