Aston Martin’s Engine Downsizing may include Toyota Engines Cars

AstonAston Martin is
considering downsizing its
lineup of engines
, which almost exclusively
include V-8s and V-12s.
This consideration is an
obvious attempt to
squeeze a few more mpg
out of its lineup without
depleting horsepower,
which will allow the boutique
automaker to achieve the
fuel economy numbers
required by the ongoing
CAFE standards.
According to De Telegraf,
Aston Martin may be
considering Toyota as a
partner in this downsizing
attempt. In particular,
Aston is eyeballing the
V-10 engine used in the
Lexus LF-A and the 8-pot
used in several other
Lexus models.
brought forward reports
If you are wondering how
Aston plans to milk these
engines out of
keep in mind that Aston and
Toyota already have a
working agreement for
Aston Martin to use the
Toyota iQ to create its own
Cygnet. So, for Aston
Martin executives to get
into conversation with
Toyota brass about this
possibility wouldn’t take
too much.
The only issue that Toyota
may have is the fact that
this sharing of engines may
result in added competition
for the LFA and other
Lexus models. Then again,
with Aston Martin being
such an exclusive brand
without a long production
Toyota may not see
this as a threat, but rather
a way to get its name on
the tip of premium sports
car buyers’ tongues. This
could result in the ultimate
word-of-mouth advertising
for Lexus’ sports cars,
which will soon include a
car that may rival Aston
Martins, the
We’ll keep you up to date
on this developing situation
and let you know as soon
as more details become


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