17. EFFECT A REGRESSION-“People who have
experienced certain kind of
pleasure in the past will try
to repeat or relive it. The
deepest-rooted and most
pleasurable memories are
usually those of early
childhood, and are often
unconsciously associated
with parental figures. Bring
your target back to that
point by placing yourself in
Effect a regression
the oedipal triangle and
positioning them as the
needy child. Unaware of the
cause of their emotional
response, they will fall in
love with you.”
18. Stir up the
transgressive and
taboo-“There are always social
limits on what one can do.
Some of these, the most
elemental taboos, go back
centuries; others are more
superficial, simply defining
polite acceptable behavior.
Making your targets feel
that you are leading them
past either kind of limit is
immensely seductive.
People yearn to explore
their dark side. Once the
desire to transgress draws
your target to you, it will be
hard for them to stop. Take
them farther than they
imagined—the shared
feeling of guilt and
complicity will create a
powerful bond.”
19. Use spiritual lures
flickr/lululemon athletica-“Everyone has doubts and
insecurities—about their
body, their self worth, their
sexuality. If your seduction
appeals exclusively to the
physical, you will stir up
these doubts and make
your targets self conscious.
Instead, lure them out of
their insecurities by making
them focus on something
sublime and spiritual: a
religious experience, a
lofty work of art, the occult.
Lost in a spiritual mist, the
target will feel light and
uninhibited. Deepen the
effect of your seduction by
making its sexual
culmination seem like the
spiritual union of two
20. Mix pleasure with pain-“The greatest mistake in
seduction is being too nice.
At first, perhaps, your
kindness is charming, but
soon it grows monotonous;
you are trying to hard to
please, and seem insecure.
Instead of overwhelming
your targets with niceness,
try inflicting some pain.
Make them feel guilty and
insecure. Instigate a
breakup—now a
rapprochement, a return to
your earlier kindness, will
turn them weak at the
knees. The lower lows you
create, the greater the
highs. To heighten the
erotic charge, create the
excitement of fear.”
21. The pursuer is
pursued-“If your targets become too
used to you as the
aggressor, they will give
less of their own energy,
and the tension will slacken.
You need to wake them up,
turn the tables. Once they
are under your spell, take
a step back and they will
start to come after you. Hint
that you are growing bored.
Seem interested in someone
else. Soon they will want to
possess you physically,
and restraint will go out the
window. Create the illusion
that the seducer is being
22. Use physical lures-“Targets with active minds
are dangerous: If they see
through your manipulations,
they may suddenly develop
doubts. Put their minds
gently to rest, and waken
their dormant senses, by
combining a nondefensive
attitude with a charged
sexual presence. While
your cool, nonchalant air is
lowering their inhibitions,
your glances, voice, and
bearing —oozing sex and
desire — are getting under
their skin and raising their
temperature. Never force
the physical; instead infect
your target with heat, lure
them into lust. Morality,
judgment, and concern for
the future will melt away.”
23. Master the art of the
bold move-“A moment has arrived:
Your victim clearly desires
you, but is not ready to
admit it openly, let alone act
on it. This is time to throw
aside chivalry, kindness,
and coquetry and to
overwhelm them with a bold
move. Don’t give the victim
time to consider the
consequences. Showing
hesitation or awkwardness
means you are thinking of
yourself, as opposed to
being overwhelmed by the
victim’s charms. One
person must go on the
offensive, and it is you.”
24. Beware of the
after effects-“Danger follows in the
aftermath of a successful
seduction. After emotions
have reached a pitch, they
often swing in the opposite
direction-toward lassitude,
distrust, disappointment. If
you are to part, make the
sacrifice swift and sudden.
If you are to stay in a
relationship, beware a
flagging of energy, a
creeping familiarity that will
spoil the fantasy. A second
seduction is required.
Never let the other person
take you for granted- use
absence, create pain and
conflict, to keep the
seduced on tenterhooks.”


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