2012 Toyota iQ Supercharger by GRMN

Toyota iQ, which us in
the States know as a Scion
iQ, is never mistaken for a
speedster or a sports car.
However, weighing in at
only 990 kg (2,182 lbs)
means that it doesn’t take
too much power to make it
quick. The folks at GAZOO
Racing decided to see what
happens when they toss a
supercharger on a
iQ with the optional 1.33-
liter engine.
The end result is a super-
lightweight car that pumps
out an impressive 122 PS
(120 horsepower) at 5,200
rpm and 174 Nm (128
pound-feet) of torque at
4,800 rpm in a compact
package. This means that
the supercharger added a
full 28 PS (27 horsepower)
and 56 Nm (41 pound-feet)
of torque. GAZOO Racing is
building a very limited
number of these iQs – 100
to be exact – and they
have dubbed this machine
the Toyota iQ GRMN
In addition to a
supercharger, GAZOO
Racing included an updated
suspension and
transmission. Also added in
were 4-wheel disc brakes,
allowing its driver to bring
this micro-machine to a halt
The Toyota iQ GRM
Supercharger retails at
3,550,000 Japanese Yen,
which is $45,367 at the
current exchange rates.
That’s a full $27,332 more
than the base-level Scion
iQ, which is quite a price
The 100 units are already
sold out, so if you are
looking to snag one of
these iQ GRMN
Superchargers, you’re
going to have to check out
the used car market and
hope you’re lucky enough
to find one.


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