Naked driver crashes into a mall, tries on clothes

Dallas police arrested a 35-year-old naked man after he crashed his pickup truck into a mall before it opened and tried on some clothes, according to news reports.
Police apprehended Arthur Walker inside the Southwest Center Mall about 7:30 a.m. Officer said he drove is Dodge pickup through the mall’s double glass doors, demolished several kiosks and crashed through the roll-down gate of a Champs Sports store.
Officers found him putting on socks and a new pair of Nike Jordan sneakers, WFAA-TV says . Paramedics took him to the hospital for evaluation before he was transferred to the local lockup. He is being held on a burglary charge.
“My assessment is he wasn’t in his right mind,” said Sgt. Elliott Forge.
It wasn’t immediately clear what prompted the early-bird shopping spree, but police said that shortly before, Walker was involved in a domestic dispute about a mile away.
Crews cleaned up the damage in time for the mall’s normal opening


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