God Sends Friend Request To Everyone On Facebook

Facebook fans around the world awoke on Monday to find a friend request from God. People from all religions and all walks of life received the request at midnight local time–all 1,200,000,000 of them. With the request came a short message written in the Facebook fan’s language:
Hello! How are you?? Let’s get closer–God.
The Facebook main office in New York City was alerted to the strange message, but couldn’t find the source. Puzzled computer experts say it seemed to come from nowhere.
On Tuesday, religious leaders from around the world met at the United Nations to discuss the extraordinary event. The pope was there, as well as the Dalai Lama, Billy Graham and many moslem, jewish and hindu scholars.
By wednesday morning, about 80% of Facebook fans had ‘okayed’ the friend request from God. The religious leaders at the United Nations decided there wasn’t any harm in answering the request, but they did urge caution to their adherents.
This morning, a second message was sent by God to everyone who had answered. The second message seemed to raise more questions than answers:
Hello again, and thanks for answering. I’m building a farm on Farmville–could you send me some tokens so I can buy a cow?? Thanks!–God


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