Blind car thief crashes stolen car

A 24-year-old from romania crashed into a tree in a car he stole earlier. The Romanian man decided to steal a car after he had a row with friends about his inablility to do anything. His friends told him he was useless.
To prove his friends wrong Alin Popescu set out to steal a car and drive it home. That would shut ‘m up, so he thought.
He actually managed to break into a parked car and start it with a screw driver. He even succeeded in driving the car over a busy road for half a mile (0.8 km).
But after that the fun was over. Alin lost the little control over the car he had and smashed into a tree. He was knocked out by the crash and later arrested by the police.
He told police: “I just wanted to prove to myself that I could do anything I wanted – despite my handicap. I only crashed because I was not sure of the way home.”
If I were Alin, I would find some better friends. Maybe doing something which is actually legal is also a smarter thing to do. At least he’ll have plenty of time to think about his stupidness in jail!


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