Bmw’s art cars

If you missed our story on Friday , BMW has flown in their amazing Art Cars and placed them over six floors ofa public car park in the hipster-haven of Shoreditch, East London.
It’s an amazingly rare opportunity to see the collection in one space in the UK. The Art Car project started in 1975, when French auctioneer and racing fan Herve Poulain wanted to combine his love of racing andart in one. Since then the likesof Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Roy Lichtenstein, Jenny Holzer, Frank Stella and most recently Jeff Koons have all done their thing on various BM’s. We never got past GCSE art, but we do know that BMW’s Art Cars arebetter efforts than these fromJeremy, James and Richard .
If you can’t make it to the Great Eastern Street NCP by the 4th of August, don’t worry. We’ve been and taken pictures so you can enjoy thecars from your own home witha packet of Chessy Puffs.
WARNING: From here on in contains quotes from artists. Strap on your brain. Check it out


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