BMW S 1000RR

BMW S 1000 RR
made its global debut in
2009 and only two years
after the company comes
with a revised model of this
successful supersports
bike with many optimized
details. No changes have
been made to the engine,
but 193 HP are more than
enough for a 449 lbs
sports bike.
BMW’s first objective was
to improve ridability by
boosting thrust and
enhancing the linearity and
harmoniousness of the
power and torque curves.
Next they have modified
the suspensions: the
upside down fork and the
spring strut feature a new
internal structure and the
geometry has been
modified with new values
for the steering head
angle, offset, position of
the swing arm pivot, fork
projection, and spring strut
length. The engine speed
display has been
redesigned for better
As for design elements, the
S 1000 RR gets a
considerably leaner look:
changes have been made
to the asymmetrical side
panels, and the centre
airbox cover now sports
side aperture grilles.
Color line-up includes: a
combination of Racing red
and Alpine white and new
Sapphire black metallic.
Hit the jump for a full list of
the bike’s new features.
The new features at a
Optimised torque curve
for improved ridability.
Expansion from two to
three performance
curves (one each for
Rain and Sport modes
and an additional one
for Race and Slick
modes); Rain mode now
120 kW (163 hp).
Reconfigured throttle for
enhanced response
(particularly gentle and
sensitive acceleration in
Rain mode, and
immediately direct and
spontaneous response
in Sport, Race, and Slick
Reduced twisting force
and tighter twistgrip
Smaller secondary ratio
for boosted thrust.
Refined tuning between
Race ABS and Dynamic
Traction Control (DTC).
Enlarged cross sectional
area of the intake air
guide through the
steering head for
greater air flow
Better handling,
steering accuracy, and
Revised spring elements
for an even wider range
of damping forces.
Suspension geometry
modified with new
values for the steering
head angle, offset,
position of the swing
arm pivot, fork
projection, and spring
strut length.
New mechanical steering
damper adjustable over
ten levels.
Forged and milled fork
bridge in a new design
and with a smaller
Revised design with a
leaner tail section,
redesigned side panels,
centre airbox cover
with side aperture
grilles, and winglets.
For new colour variants:
plain Racing Red with
Alpine white, Bluefire,
Sapphire black metallic,
BMW Motorrad
Motorsport colours.
Revised RR logo.
New heel plates and
leaner stabilisers on the
passenger footrests.
Redesigned LCD engine
speed display for better
readability and with five
dimming levels.
Instrument cluster with
the new functions “Best
lap in progress” and
deactivation of “Lamp”
fault message when
headlamp or number
plate carrier removed.
Catalytic converters
relocated, so no heat
shield necessary.
Expansion to the
optional extras and
special equipment ex


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