iPhone 5 features: WSJ says Apple smartphone will be very thin

WSJ reaffirms Apple’s next
iPhone will feature thinner
in-cell touchscreen The
Wall Street Journal has
come out with the report
that Apple would be using a
new technology that would
render the screen even
thinner than what it is now
on the iPhone 4S.
Currently standing slim at a
thickness of 9.3 millimeters,
the iPhone is one of the
slimmest smartphones out
in the market. According to
analyst Hiroshi Hayase of
DisplaySearch, the new
technology being adopted
by Apple for iPhone 5
integrates touch sensors
into the LCD,
making a separate touch-
screen layer redundant.
This reduces about half-a-
millimeter of thickness from
the screen and also
improves the image quality.
People close to the matter
revealed that Japanese
makers Sharp Corp. and
Japan Display Inc. and
South Korea’s LG Display
Co. are currently mass-
producing the in-cell
technology panels for the
next iPhone. Japan Display
happens to be a new firm
that combines three
Japanese electronics
makers’ display units.
The besides turning the
iPhone slimmer and
providing better image
quality, the new technology
would also cut costs for
Apple as it does not have
to use separate touch
panels and LCD panels from
separate suppliers.
However, in-cell touch
screens are harder to
manufacture than
conventional LCD screens
and the manufacturers are
finding the demand from
Apple pretty challenging a
job and are scrambling to
achieve high yield rates.
It was rumoured that
iPhone 5 would have a
bigger screen than the
iPhone 4S’s 3.5-inches and
would also be lighter. With
the absence of two panels
as display, the new
technology explains how
this can be achieved now.
These kinds of
technological development
are now becoming very
crucial for Apple ven as its
competition with rival
Samsung intensifies.
Samsung has been found to
have eaten into Apple
market shares through its
wide variety of smartphone
offerings and has also
dethroned Nokia from a
reign that lasted 14 years.
There is also the legal
tussle over patents with
rival Samsung that only
seems to intensify with time.
Samsung has been pushing
its organic light-emitting
displays as one of the
unique features of its
flagship Galaxy phones.
The 4.8-inch OLED screen
of Samsung Galaxy S3 is
thinner that of the iPhone
Most Android devices that
use OLED screens are
supplied by Samsung. The
OLED screens happen to be
thinner than the
conventional LCD panels
used in iPhones.
The lucrative market of
high-end smartphones
keeps Apple and Samsung
constantly on edge to
provide more-powerful and
more capable devices


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