German trainee fined 227,000 euros for illegal Facebook party


-A German court
has handed a 20-year-old
apprentice a 227,000-euro
($280,000) bill to cover
police costs after he
organized an illegal party through the Facebook
social network in the
southern German town of
The man identified only as
Matthias L. told German
newspaper Bild am Sonntag
that he attended a number
of other parties announced
on Facebook and got the
A German court
has handed a 20-year-old
apprentice a 227,000-euro
($280,000) bill to cover
police costs after he
organized an illegal party
idea to have an even
bigger event at a public
beach on the shores of
Lake Constance.
The newspaper said
thousands had signed up to
attend, clicking the ‘join’
button, but town leaders
banned it in advance.
Nearly 300 police were
dispatched to prevent
revelers from gaining
access to the beach area.
Only about 150 people
showed up and eight who
refused to leave were
“I had been to some other
illegal Facebook parties and
thought to myself ‘I can do
better than this’,” Matthias
L. told Bild am Sonntag.
The newspaper said he
earns about 560 euros a
month but will now have to
reimburse the city and
police 227,052 euros.
“When I look at the bill I
feel ill,” Matthias L. said.
Guenter Loos, an official at
the Baden-Wuerttemberg
state interior ministry, said
the state will insist on
“We’re definitely going to
collect these fees in
accordance with state
rules,” he said.



1. CHOOSE THE RIGHT VICTIM-The right victims are those
for whom you can fill a
void, who see in you
something exotic. They are
often isolated or unhappy,
or can easily be made so—
for the completely
contented person is almost
impossible to seduce. The
perfect victim has some
quality that inspires strong
emotions in you, making
“Everything depends on
the target of your
seduction. Study your prey
thoroughly, and choose
only those who will prove
susceptible to your charms.
your seductive maneuvers
seem more natural and
dynamic. The perfect victim
allows for the perfect
2. APPROACH INDIRECTLY-The seduction should begin
at an angle, indirectly, so
that the target only
gradually becomes aware of
you. Haunt the periphery of
your target’s life—approach
through a third party, or
seem to cultivate a
relatively neutral
relationship, moving
gradually from friend to
lover. Lull the target into
“If you are too direct early
on, you risk stirring up a
resistance that will never
be lowered. At first there
must be nothing of the
seducer in your manner.
feeling secure, then strike.”
3. START TO SEND SIGNALS- “Once people are aware of
your presence, and
perhaps vaguely intrigued,
you need to stir their
interest before it settles on
someone else. Most of us
are much too obvious—
instead, be hard to figure
out. Send mixed signals:
both tough and tender,
both spiritual and earthly,
both innocent and cunning.
A mix of qualities suggests
depth, which fascinates
even as it confuses. An
elusive, enigmatic aura will
make people want to know
more, drawing them into
“Once people are aware of
your presence, and
perhaps vaguely intrigued,
you need to stir their
interest before it settles on
someone else. Most of us
your circle. Create such a
power by hinting at
something contradictory
within you.”
“Few are drawn to the
person whom others avoid
and neglect; people gather
around those who have
already attracted interest.
To draw your victims closer and make them hungry to
possess you, you must
create an aura of
desirability—of being
wanted and courted by
many. It will become a point
of vanity for them to be the
preferred object of your
attention, to win you away
from a crowd of admirers.
Build a reputation that
precedes you: If many
“Few are drawn to the
person whom others avoid
and neglect; people gather
around those who have
already attracted interest.
To draw your victims closer
have succumbed to your
charms there must be a



5. STIR ANXIETY-“A perfectly satisfied
person cannot be seduced.
Tension and disharmony
must be instilled in your
targets’ minds. Stir within
them feelings of discontent,
an unhappiness with their
circumstances and
themselves. The feeling of
inadequacy that you create
will give you space to
insinuate yourself, to make
Create a need—stir
anxiety and discontent
them see you as the
answer to their problems.
Pain and anxiety are the
proper precursors to
pleasure. Learn to
manufacture the need that
you can fill.”
6. MASTER THE ART OF INSINUATION-“Making your targets feel
dissatisfied and in need of
your attention is essential,
but if you are too obvious,
they will see through you
and grow defensive. There
is no known defense,
however, against
insinuation—the art of
planting ideas in people’s
minds by dropping hints
that take root days later,
even appearing to them as
their own idea. Create a
statement followed by
retraction and apology,
ambiguous comments, banal
talk combined with alluring
glances—that enters the
target’s unconscious to
convey your real meaning.
Make everything
7. ENTER THEIR SPIRIT-“Most people are locked in
their own worlds, making
them stubborn and hard to
persuade. The way to lure
them out of their shell and
set up your seduction is to
enter their spirit. Play by
their rules, enjoy what they
enjoy, adapt yourself to
their moods. In doing so
you will stroke their deep-
rooted narcissism and
lower their defenses.
Indulge your targets’
every move and whim,
giving them nothing to react
against or resist.”
8. CREATE TEMPTATION-“Lure the target deep into
your seduction by creating
the proper temptation: a
glimpse of the pleasures to
come. As the serpent
tempted Eve with the
promise of forbidden
knowledge, you must
awaken a desire in your
targets that they cannot
control. Find that weakness
of theirs, that fantasy that
has yet to be realized, and
hint that you can lead them
toward it. The key is to
keep it vague. Stimulate a
curiosity stronger than the
doubts and anxieties that
go with it, and they will
follow you.”
“The moment people feel
they know what to expect
from you, your spell on
them is broken. More: You
have ceded them power.
The only way to lead the
seduced along and keep
the upper hand is to create
suspense, a calculated
surprise. Doing something
they do not expect from
you will give them a
delightful sense of
spontaneity—they will not
be able to foresee what
comes next. You are
always one step ahead and
in control. Give the victim a
thrill with a sudden change
of direction.”



10. USE DEMONIC POWER OF WORDS-“It is hard to make people
listen; they are consumed
with their own thoughts and
desires, and have little time
for yours. The trick to
making them listen is to say
what they want to hear, to
fill their ears with whatever
is pleasant to them. This is
the essence of seductive
language. Inflame people’s
emotions with loaded
Use the demonic power
of words to sow
phrases, flatter them,
comfort their insecurities,
envelop them in sweet
words and promises, and
not only will they listen to
you, they will lose their will
to resist you.”
11.PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS-“Lofty words of love and
grand gestures can be
suspicious: Why are you
trying so hard to please?
The details of a seduction—
the subtle gestures, the
offhand things you do—are
often more charming and
revealing. You must learn
to distract your victims with
a myriad of pleasant little
rituals—thoughtful gifts
tailored just for them,
clothes and adornments
designed to please them,
gestures that show the time
and attention you are
paying them. Mesmerized by
what they see, they will not
notice what you are really
up to.”
12. POETICIZE YOUR PRESCENCE-“Important things happen
when your targets are
alone: The slightest feeling
of relief that you are not
there, and it is all over.
Familiarity and
overexposure will cause
this reaction. Remain
elusive, then. Intrigue your
targets by alternating an
exciting presence with a
cool distance, exuberant
moments followed by
calculated absences.
Associate yourself with
poetic images and objects,
so that when they think of
you, they begin to see you
through and idealized halo.
The more you figure in
their minds, the more they
will envelop you in
seductive fantasies.”
AND VULNERABILITY-“Too much maneuvering on
your part may raise
suspicion. The best way to
cover your tracks is to
make the other person feel
superior and stronger. If
you seem to be weak,
vulnerable, enthralled by
the other person, and
unable to control yourself,
you will make your actions
look more natural, less
calculated. Physical
bashfulness, paleness—will
help create the effect. Play
the victim, and then
transform your target’s
sympathy into love”
14. CONFUSE DESIRE AND REALITY-“To compensate for the
difficulties in their lives,
people spend a lot of their
time daydreaming, imagining
a future full of adventure,
success, and romance. If
you can create the illusion
that through you they can
live out their dreams, you
will have them at your
mercy. Aim at secret wishes
that have been thwarted or
repressed, stirring up
uncontrollable emotions,
clouding their powers of
reason. Lead the seduced
to a point of confusion in
which they can no longer
tell the difference between
illusion and reality.”
“An isolated person is
weak. By slowly isolating
your victims, you make
them more vulnerable to
your influence. Take them
away from their normal
milieu, friends, family, and
home. Give them the sense
of being marginalized, in
limbo—they are leaving one
world behind and entering
another. Once isolated like
this, they have no outside
support, and in their
confusion they are easily
led astray. Lure the
seduced into your lair,
where nothing is familiar.”
16. PROVE YOURSELF YOU ARE A CHAMPION-“Most people want to be
seduced. If they resist
your efforts, it is probably
because you have not gone
far enough to allay their
doubts — about your
motives, the depth of your
feelings, and so on. One
well-timed action that
shows how far you are
willing to go to win them
over will dispel their
doubts. Do not worry about
looking foolish or making a
mistake — any kind of deed
that is self-sacrificing and
for your targets’ sake will
overwhelm their emotions,
they won’t notice anything



17. EFFECT A REGRESSION-“People who have
experienced certain kind of
pleasure in the past will try
to repeat or relive it. The
deepest-rooted and most
pleasurable memories are
usually those of early
childhood, and are often
unconsciously associated
with parental figures. Bring
your target back to that
point by placing yourself in
Effect a regression
the oedipal triangle and
positioning them as the
needy child. Unaware of the
cause of their emotional
response, they will fall in
love with you.”
18. Stir up the
transgressive and
taboo-“There are always social
limits on what one can do.
Some of these, the most
elemental taboos, go back
centuries; others are more
superficial, simply defining
polite acceptable behavior.
Making your targets feel
that you are leading them
past either kind of limit is
immensely seductive.
People yearn to explore
their dark side. Once the
desire to transgress draws
your target to you, it will be
hard for them to stop. Take
them farther than they
imagined—the shared
feeling of guilt and
complicity will create a
powerful bond.”
19. Use spiritual lures
flickr/lululemon athletica-“Everyone has doubts and
insecurities—about their
body, their self worth, their
sexuality. If your seduction
appeals exclusively to the
physical, you will stir up
these doubts and make
your targets self conscious.
Instead, lure them out of
their insecurities by making
them focus on something
sublime and spiritual: a
religious experience, a
lofty work of art, the occult.
Lost in a spiritual mist, the
target will feel light and
uninhibited. Deepen the
effect of your seduction by
making its sexual
culmination seem like the
spiritual union of two
20. Mix pleasure with pain-“The greatest mistake in
seduction is being too nice.
At first, perhaps, your
kindness is charming, but
soon it grows monotonous;
you are trying to hard to
please, and seem insecure.
Instead of overwhelming
your targets with niceness,
try inflicting some pain.
Make them feel guilty and
insecure. Instigate a
breakup—now a
rapprochement, a return to
your earlier kindness, will
turn them weak at the
knees. The lower lows you
create, the greater the
highs. To heighten the
erotic charge, create the
excitement of fear.”
21. The pursuer is
pursued-“If your targets become too
used to you as the
aggressor, they will give
less of their own energy,
and the tension will slacken.
You need to wake them up,
turn the tables. Once they
are under your spell, take
a step back and they will
start to come after you. Hint
that you are growing bored.
Seem interested in someone
else. Soon they will want to
possess you physically,
and restraint will go out the
window. Create the illusion
that the seducer is being
22. Use physical lures-“Targets with active minds
are dangerous: If they see
through your manipulations,
they may suddenly develop
doubts. Put their minds
gently to rest, and waken
their dormant senses, by
combining a nondefensive
attitude with a charged
sexual presence. While
your cool, nonchalant air is
lowering their inhibitions,
your glances, voice, and
bearing —oozing sex and
desire — are getting under
their skin and raising their
temperature. Never force
the physical; instead infect
your target with heat, lure
them into lust. Morality,
judgment, and concern for
the future will melt away.”
23. Master the art of the
bold move-“A moment has arrived:
Your victim clearly desires
you, but is not ready to
admit it openly, let alone act
on it. This is time to throw
aside chivalry, kindness,
and coquetry and to
overwhelm them with a bold
move. Don’t give the victim
time to consider the
consequences. Showing
hesitation or awkwardness
means you are thinking of
yourself, as opposed to
being overwhelmed by the
victim’s charms. One
person must go on the
offensive, and it is you.”
24. Beware of the
after effects-“Danger follows in the
aftermath of a successful
seduction. After emotions
have reached a pitch, they
often swing in the opposite
direction-toward lassitude,
distrust, disappointment. If
you are to part, make the
sacrifice swift and sudden.
If you are to stay in a
relationship, beware a
flagging of energy, a
creeping familiarity that will
spoil the fantasy. A second
seduction is required.
Never let the other person
take you for granted- use
absence, create pain and
conflict, to keep the
seduced on tenterhooks.”

Aston Martin’s Engine Downsizing may include Toyota Engines Cars


AstonAston Martin is
considering downsizing its
lineup of engines
, which almost exclusively
include V-8s and V-12s.
This consideration is an
obvious attempt to
squeeze a few more mpg
out of its lineup without
depleting horsepower,
which will allow the boutique
automaker to achieve the
fuel economy numbers
required by the ongoing
CAFE standards.
According to De Telegraf,
Aston Martin may be
considering Toyota as a
partner in this downsizing
attempt. In particular,
Aston is eyeballing the
V-10 engine used in the
Lexus LF-A and the 8-pot
used in several other
Lexus models.
brought forward reports
If you are wondering how
Aston plans to milk these
engines out of
keep in mind that Aston and
Toyota already have a
working agreement for
Aston Martin to use the
Toyota iQ to create its own
Cygnet. So, for Aston
Martin executives to get
into conversation with
Toyota brass about this
possibility wouldn’t take
too much.
The only issue that Toyota
may have is the fact that
this sharing of engines may
result in added competition
for the LFA and other
Lexus models. Then again,
with Aston Martin being
such an exclusive brand
without a long production
Toyota may not see
this as a threat, but rather
a way to get its name on
the tip of premium sports
car buyers’ tongues. This
could result in the ultimate
word-of-mouth advertising
for Lexus’ sports cars,
which will soon include a
car that may rival Aston
Martins, the
We’ll keep you up to date
on this developing situation
and let you know as soon
as more details become

2012 Toyota iQ Supercharger by GRMN


Toyota iQ, which us in
the States know as a Scion
iQ, is never mistaken for a
speedster or a sports car.
However, weighing in at
only 990 kg (2,182 lbs)
means that it doesn’t take
too much power to make it
quick. The folks at GAZOO
Racing decided to see what
happens when they toss a
supercharger on a
iQ with the optional 1.33-
liter engine.
The end result is a super-
lightweight car that pumps
out an impressive 122 PS
(120 horsepower) at 5,200
rpm and 174 Nm (128
pound-feet) of torque at
4,800 rpm in a compact
package. This means that
the supercharger added a
full 28 PS (27 horsepower)
and 56 Nm (41 pound-feet)
of torque. GAZOO Racing is
building a very limited
number of these iQs – 100
to be exact – and they
have dubbed this machine
the Toyota iQ GRMN
In addition to a
supercharger, GAZOO
Racing included an updated
suspension and
transmission. Also added in
were 4-wheel disc brakes,
allowing its driver to bring
this micro-machine to a halt
The Toyota iQ GRM
Supercharger retails at
3,550,000 Japanese Yen,
which is $45,367 at the
current exchange rates.
That’s a full $27,332 more
than the base-level Scion
iQ, which is quite a price
The 100 units are already
sold out, so if you are
looking to snag one of
these iQ GRMN
Superchargers, you’re
going to have to check out
the used car market and
hope you’re lucky enough
to find one.

Toyota Gt-86


We first drove Toyota’s GT 86 on a racetrack in Japan, but that was inconclusive, aswe never got out of third gear. Now we have a better picture, a picture that extends all the way to fourth, fifth and even sixth gears. Lucky us.
And we’re closer to home now as well, at the Jarama racetrack near Madrid. Still aclosed circuit though, so still no real road driving impressions which is frustrating, but if this thing disappoints on the road I’m prepared to munch on important bits of my own anatomy. Because it’s really, really good.
So how different is it to its twin sister, the Subaru BRZ? I spent a whole day in the BRZ at Subaru’s test track late last year , so this is where you expect me to say no, to say there are small but definable differences between the Subaru and Toyota. Possibly while scratching my chin and looking thoughtful. But there aren’t.
Well, there are supposed to be. Toyota’s chief engineer on the GT 86, Tetsuya Tada-san tells me there are tiny changes in the spring and damper settings, and in a chin-scratching phase while on track I thought the GT felt marginally softer. But that could simply have been down to the fact the tyres and brakes were cooked after some Swiss hotfoot hadbeen pummelling it five minutes earlier.
In essence they’re identical, and identically excellent. TheGT 86 is light on its feet, notdainty exactly, but super accurate and so well balanced. I know it’s not especially relevant, but the ease with which this thing lets go at the back end is sorefreshing, and even when not arsing about it’s just a joyful thing.
Tada-san told me there were three key elements to the car for him, things he (together with his opposite number at Subaru, Toshio Masuda) had to fight for tooth and nail. One was to steer clear of turbocharging,the second was that it should be rear-wheel drive and the final one was to use narrow tyres. I love that. And it’s not just that the 215/45 R17’s aren’t oversized, it’s that they’re not a sports tyre either. They’re Michelin Primacys forheaven’s sake – as fitted to the Prius.
So they flex a bit, squeal a lot and aren’t too grippy. Tada-san is emphatic that lap times don’t matter here, what matters is if the driver gets out with a smile on his face. I am in complete agreement. Yes, it’s nice to boast to your mates that your car beats theirs aroundthe ‘Ring, but wouldn’t you rather drive a road car that’s actually been set-up to drive properly on the road, not the track? I would.
Toyota is maintaining the façade that these are still prototypes, but Tada-san told me that just applies to the interior fixtures and fittings and that the dynamics are finalised. Great, because off the top ofmy head I can’t think of any car that handles more sweetly than this. And it’s not slow either. On the main straight at Jarama it hit an indicated 125mph and that flat four engine, red-lined at7,500rpm, pulls with gusto atthe top end. Bit limp lower down, but that’s a small priceto pay. Great gearbox and lovely, lovely brakes, too.
The price isn’t yet finalised due to the yen exchange rate, but Toyota is homing inon £25,000 as the target. Rivals are cited as the Scirocco and Peugeot RCZ, but in truth neither can hold a candle to the GT 86 on the road. Enjoy driving? Then this contest boils down to a battle between this and the Subaru – and you’ll make your choice on grounds of badge, dealer location, price and visual tweakery. Me? I’d have the Subaru – the brandis that wee bit cooler – but honestly, this goes down as the best Toyota I’ve ever driven, and one of the best driving sports cars of the last decade. It’s here in June.You know what to do.
Ollie Marriage
The numbers:
1998cc, Flat four, 200bhp, 151lb ft, c160g/km, c42mpg, c6.8secs, c145mph, 1220kg
The cost:
The Verdict:
We love the Subaru BRZ. Now we love the Toyota GT 86. One of the very best sports cars around today.
Gt 86Toyota Gt 86Toyota Gt 86

F1 Tech: The gadgets inside the car


Recording anything
that goes 200mph is
tricky. We asked F1’s
top teams for the
inside track on the
tech inside the car…
When we think of Formula
One technology, invariably
we think of screaming V8
engines, super sticky tyres
and the now infamous
Kinetic Energy Retension
System (or KERS for short).
But there’s plenty of other
stuff going on in an F1
racer that we’d never
normally think of. With the
help of some of Formula
One’s top teams, we’ve
brought you a few smaller,
but equally incredible bits
of tech from inside an F1
You’re able to hear what
each driver is saying
because he’s wearing
custom-made earplugs, and
speaking into a minute,
noise-cancelling microphone
installed in his crash hat.
The double face mic is just
5mm in diameter and 2mm
thick and can usually
manage around 80 per cent
noise suppression thanks
to two signals – one that
broadcasts the driver’s
voice and another that
cancels the noise of the car
and the electrical noise that
can interfere with the radio
from the car’s generator
and voltage regulator.
The electronics that
manage the radio link
between the car and the pit
that we all hear weigh no
more than 200g and are
installed in the cockpit. The
12 teams are allocated
specific frequencies on race
day, but that still involves
up to 40 frequencies per
team including drivers,
mechanics and various
telemetry frequencies from
the chassis and engine. On
race day there are
upwards of 900 radios on
the air including
broadcasters, security,
hospitality, other teams and
fans, so each team has to
decide on a frequency
strategy so that it can be
picked up by the FIA
On every day of a grand
prix weekend each car
must be fitted with at least
five camera housings, with
one mandatory camera,
weighing less than an iPod
Touch, placed above the
air box behind the driver’s
head. With its 39.2mm single
lens it shoots at 240fps,
which represents the limit
of human visual perception
– handy when a car is
hitting a top speed of
190mph down Hangar Strait
at Silverstone. The
captured images are
beamed back via the
Formula 1 Interface unit to
go out on the “World
feed”, so viewers globally
see all the same images at
exactly the same time. The
cost of each camera is
about £15,000.
When the driver hits one of
the paddles on his steering
wheel to change gear it
feeds into the TAG-320
electronic control unit (ECU)
built by McLaren
electronics, responsible for
every F1 car’s drive-by-
wire system. The seamless
shift gearbox registers the
change, which happens in
1/10,000th of a second,
and sends the information
back to the ECU. This
processes it wirelessly in
real time over the FIA
network so that the
driver’s gear selection
shows up on screen when
looking at the onboard
There are sensors on the
four corners of the car that
take information from the
wheels and interface with
the HIU-3 hub interface
units. These send the info
back to the TAG-320 ECU
via a two-wire network,
which vastly reduces the
number of wires running
around the wishbones. It’s
then transmitted to the FIA
network and is interpreted
into the onscreen rev
The wheel is home to the
KERS boost button, which is
depressed by the driver to
release some, or all, of the
kinetic energy captured
while braking, sending up
to an additional 80bhp to
the rear wheels. Sensors
on the batteries, housed
under the chassis, detect
the charge level of the
packs and store the
information on the ECU. The
data is then picked up
wirelessly and converted
into an onscreen battery
All cars are fitted with dual
timing transponders that
record lap times. The
primary transponder, made
by AMB, is recessed
underneath the car at the
front axle and transmits a
unique ID from a 45-degree
beam when it passes over
a timing loop – two wires
embedded in the track.
every loop is connected to
a receiver and decoder,
which then sends the ID to
the timing software on FIA
computers at the control
centre. The data is then
uploaded to feed

McLaren MP4-27 2012 Formula 1 car


Hamilton and Button unveil
most advanced McLaren F1
car yet.
Lewis Hamilton and Jenson
Button have taken the
wraps off the all-new 2012
MacLaren Formula 1 design.
While on first glance the
Vodafone McLaren
Mercedes MP4-27 closely
resembles last year’s
multiple race-winning car,
the 2012 chassis has been
substantially revised and
Thought to be one of the
most advanced cars on the
grid, the car’s striking
design is likely to draw
MP4-27 features
The most evident visual
differences include more
tightly-waisted rear
bodywork, developed to
improve flow to the rear of
the car, and a revised
cooling system, which re-
directs the gearbox oil-
Last year’s U-shaped
sidepods have also been
re-designed – a legacy of
the FIA’s new exhaust
regulations that redefine
the shape of the rear
Much attention is also being
paid to the McLaren’s
exhaust exit which sits a
long way outboard of the
cars sidepods, with the
major change to exhaust
regulations for 2012, this
could be one of the major
areas for car development
this season.
Of course all tech-based
talk aside it is a fantastic
thing to look at with a
certain menacing T-1000
look about it. For more
information head over to
Racecar Engineering who
have been lucky enough to
get up close and personal
with the MP4-27McLaren MP4-27 2012 Formula 1 carMcLaren MP4-27 2012 Formula 1 carMcLaren MP4-27 2012 Formula 1 car