Baldev Chager Nears Sealing The K.N.R.C 2013 Championship With Only 3 Rounds Remaining

As Per Round 5:
1.Baldev Chager 360
2.Ian Duncan 220
3.Carl Tundo 200
4.Azar Anwar 210
5.Quentin Mitchell 165
1.Ravi Soni 360
2.Amaar Slatch 220
3.Julius Ngigi 210
4.Tim Jessop 200
5.Robin Dimbleby 165
1. Dennis Mwenda 320
2. Dalbir Thethy 210
3. Adnan Suheil 160
4. Joan Nesbitt 125
5. Sammy Nyorri 110
1. Edward Njoroge 320
2. Julius Mwachuya 210
3. Salim Khan 160
4. Tamara Jones 125
5. Steven Nyorri 110
1. Hardev S. Sira 315
2. Aslam Khan 230
3. Malcom Destro 220
4. Ramesh Vishram 200
5. Iain Freestone 80
1.Jasneil S. Ghataure 245
2.Simon Bates 200
3.Atul Kochhar 190
4.Tim Challen 160
5.Arshad Khan 120
1. Frank Tundo 275
2. Jaspreet Chatthe 240
3. Don Smith 165
4. Manveer Baryan 150
5. Onkar Rai 100
1. Natasha Decangio 280
2. Gurdeep Panesar 240
3. Bob Kaugi190
4. Raju Chagger 110
5. Kavit Dave100
1. Jasmeet Chana 290
2. Rajbir Rai 210
3. Tejvir Rai 205
4. Issa Amwari 195
5. Farhaaz Khan 165
1. Rohit Bhudia 290
2. Supee Soin 210
3. Job Njiru 195
4. George Njoroge 154
5. Tariq Malik 136
1. Alisdair Keith 260
2. Jaswinder Chana260
3. Alex Horsey 220
4. Mahesh Halai 210
5. Stanley Thuo 165
1. Ravi Chana 260
2. Tariq Malik 260
3. Ketan Halai 210
4. Mwangi Waithaka135
5. James Mwangi 125

Lumify X9 LED Torch,Simply More Than The Best Ever!!


lumify x9
If you’ve been on the internet in the
12months, you would of 100% of seen an
ad for the infamous – Lumify X9 .
It’s been super popular across the world.
The Top #1 Selling ‘Tactical Flashlight’ in
2015 and 2016.
Stock is also “selling out fast” in the lead
up to the December Christmas holidays.
But Why Is Lumify Still The
Bestselling In The World?
Well, a number of reasons:
1) It’s the cheapest, compared to it’s same
class competitors – Only $49 vs $116.99
2) It’s Massively Discounted Online – Up to
75% Off Retail Price, on official sale sites
like this one here.
3) It’s simply the best tactical flashlight, in
it’s class @ 800 lumens.
What Can You Use It For?
“The truth is, most people underestimate
the importance of owning a great flashlight.
These days, power outages are becoming
more common in heavy storms – it’s more
important than ever to have the right gear
and be ready for a blackout.”
Tactical Flashlights aren’t like average
home flashlights:
Lumify’s Tactical Flashlight is built for
rugged use, high performance and
It’s super bright LED technology, shoots
powerful white light hundreds and hundreds
of meters away.
They have settings like: Beckon/ Strobe,
High Focus, High Beam and SOS – alerting
with Super Bright Strobe, focusing on
something far away or emergency signaling
for help.
The case is built from hardened aluminum.
It is light weight, but strong enough
material to last any lifestyle in any
Why The Low, Low Price?
Up until recently ‘Tactical Flashlights’ –
haven’t been available for purchase by the
An online company got a large surplus
amount of excess stock.
They began selling them to the public at
affordable, discount prices ($49/ea).
Before then these Tactical flashlights were
only available at nearly $300 each!
However, rumor says that the stock is
quickly running out due to huge popularity.
Once it’s sold out, they’re does appear to
be anymore…
Based on value and quality – yes. There are
brighter lights of course, but they start at
$249+. This is a bargain of a deal, based
on it’s performance.

How To Sideload Android Apps In Windows 10 Phones


Before initiating, keep in mind that running APKS without permission of the developer is piracy and be wary of local laws.
Commence at your risk, as this process might cause damage to your phone.
Assembly of Supported Phones:
• Nokia Lumia 920
• Nokia Lumia 925
• Nokia Lumia 929 (icon)
• Nokia Lumia 830
• Nokia Lumia 930
• Nokia Lumia 1520
• Nokia Lumia 635 (1GB RAM variant)
• Nokia Lumia 730
• Nokia Lumia 820
• Nokia Lumia 435
• Nokia Lumia 928

If you own one of these phones, the process of installing apps is here:
Download Wconnect and Android SDK’s ADB tool.
• Unzip both of the files in a separate folder.
• Open the wconnect folder, then install IpOverUsbInstaller.msi and vcredist_x86.exe.
• On your Windows 10 phone, Open Settings > Update & Security > For Developers and tap on ‘Developer’s Mode’ and also Device Discovery
• Go to the wconnect folder, then open an Administrator command prompt (Shift+right click > Open command window here).
• Connect your phone to your PC via microUSB cable.
• Now type in the command on command prompt ‘wconnect.exe USB’ and hit Enter.
• PC would ask for a pairing code which would be shown on the phone’s display and press Enter.
• On the command prompt, type ‘adb devices’ to see the list of devices connected to your PC.
• Copy the APK (Android Package Manager) file on the ADB folder and type ‘adb install APKNAME.apk’ (replace APKNAME with the apk file name. For e.g, whatsapp-1.0.1).
• Wait for the app to be installed on your Windows 10 phone. And Thats it.
Regards Elvo

How to Sideload Android apps on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1:


1) First, download XAP/APPX (Windows Package Manager) file of the app to be installed onto your PC. Here is how to do it:
• Open
• Choose the state in which you are currently, as many apps are location sensitive and are not available in every country.
• Sign into your Microsoft account.
• Search for the app you are looking to download in the Search Box.

• In search results click on the app and it will open the app page, scroll down and on the left sidebar you will find an option ‘Download and install manually’.• Click on the option and an XAP/APPX file would be downloaded.
• Connect your Windows Phone to your PC.
• Copy the XAP/APPX file you downloaded from your PC to your phone’s SD card.
• Disconnect your phone.
• Open up the menu and tap ‘install local apps’
• Tap on the checkboxes of the apps to tick mark them and tap ‘install’.
•That’s it. Your favorite apps are now installed on your phones.

Hot Android Pro and Premium Appications


1. Quick PDF Scanner Pro v4.3.455 (Paid version)
2. Quick Uninstaller Pro v1.0
3. ROM Downloader PRO v5.0
4. RSS Reader Pro v1.5.2
5. Reminder Pro v1.7.4
6. Runtastic PRO Running, Fitness v6.8.3.
7.S7 Galaxy Launcher Pro v1.0.2
8. SALE 360 Pro – effect & filter v2.0
9. Samsung TV Remote DLNA AdFree v4.5.5 build 2205 (paid)
10. ScanWritr PRO scan, PDF, fax v2.7.3
11. Screen Recorder FaceCam Pro v1.7.2
12. Screen Translator Plus v3.1
13. Self Camera HD (with Filters) Pro v3.0.12
14. Settings Editor Pro v1.9
15. Side Apps Bar – Edge Sidebar+ v5.0.2
16. Slow Motion Camera Extreme v1.5.4
17. Smart HDR_v1.0
18. Smart IR Remote – AnyMote v4.2.2
19. Smart NFC Pro v1.6
20. Soccer Scores Pro – FotMob v41.0.1139 (Paid Version)
21. Sound Clips for Messenger_v1.1
22. Speed Dial Pro v6.0.7
23. Stickers for Facebook_v1.0
24. Super Backup Pro SMS&Contacts v2.1.09 pâtched
25. Super Bright LED Flashlight_v1.0.9
26. T-SwipePro Gestures v1.1
27. Task Manager Pro (Task Killer) v2.3.0
28. Titanium_Backup_PRO-
29. Transparent clock & weather Pro v0.91.01.05
30. Ultimate HDR Camera_v2.1
31. Ultra GPS Logger v3.120 (_ed)
32. Unicorn Adblocker for Samsung v1.4.8
33. Unified Remote Full v3.6.1
34. Update Android Samsung Version_v1.0
35. LOCX AppLock PRO Photo Vault v1.0.0.002
36. Logo Creator_v1.4
37. mρ3 Cutter Pro v3.7.0 build (92)
38. MacroDroid – Device Automation Pro v3.13.15
39. Map Coordinates Pro v4.1.0
40. Memory Locker Premium



Here i decided to post some hot games for android users that are paid in playstore if you attempt to downlod them via playstore
1.Ram Manager Pro (For Android 2.1 to 4.4)
2.Auto Cache Cleaner
3.Titanium BackUp Pro (MoDaCo Plus)
4.Youtube Mini
5.PLDF Wifi Password Hacker
6.Live Tv Streaming
7.Wps wpa tester premium v2.8.2 paid
8.Link for BIOS-Download/Extract and save BIOS to your Android SD.
ePSXe for Android – PlayStation Emulator – VER. 2.0.5 [Full/Unlocked+pâtched]
9.Iptv extreme pro v37.0 mod apk(online tv) download VLC media Player To use it to stream
10.Advanced repair battery life lab pro photo editor! v2.1.5.429 paid + pâtched apk
12.Cross Dj Mixer
13.Darker Pro v1.9.0.apk
14.ZArchiver Pro v0.8.4 (Test37).apk
15.Screen Recorder HD Pro
16.64 Games In 1 AppLink 2
17.Easy App Uninstaller Pro
18.AVG Antivirus Pro v5.0 For Android
19.Spotify Premium ModLink 2
20.Netx pro paid apkLink 2
More Apps Coming Up,For Further Details Call + 254 703 164 165 / +254 731 412 006

Download Free Paid Playstore Apps


*VivaVideo Pro: HD Video Editor v 4.5.8 Apk [Full] – Android Apps
*Root Browser (File Manager) v Apk [Full] – Android Apps
*Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) – Pro v 17.1 Apk [Full] – Android Apps
*Turbo Manager Pro v 0.0.2 Apk [Full] – Android Apps
*EX Kernel Manager v 2.86 Apk [Full] – Android Apps
*WIFI Signal Premium v 9.5.4 Apk [Full] – Android Apps
*KineMaster – Pro Video Editor v Apk [Full] – Android Apps
*Collateral Premium v 3.3.3-1 Apk [Full] – Android Apps
*reddit is fun GP (unofficial) v 4.1.32 Apk [Full] – Android Apps
*Tweetings for Twitter v Apk [Full] – Android Apps
*Copy – Text On Screen pro v 2.1.5 Build 37 Apk [Full] – Android Apps
*Background Sound Recorder v 2.08 Apk [Full] – Android Apps
*Root Booster Premium v 2.6.2 Apk [Full] – Android Apps
*Flatland v 1.1 Apk [Full] – Android Apps
.*Devo – Icon Pack v 4.4.1 Apk [Full] – Android Apps
*Gesture Lock Screen PRO v 1.3.1 Apk [Full] – Android Apps
*PRO Lirbi Reader: PDF, EPUB… v 5.4.5 Apk [Full] – Android Apps
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rajbir rai
Rajbir Rai to hang his helmet at the end of
the 2016 KNRC season
Kenya’s fastest rally youngster Rajbir Rai has
announced his retirement from the sport after
years of brilliant displays.
Rajbir, the 2014 Pearl of Africa Uganda rally
and Kisumu rally winner announced after the
conclusion of the 2016 KCB Eldoret rally at
Chemweno farm that he will be quitting the
sport after the season closing Guru Nanak
Rally. The son of legendary Sarbi Rai admitted
candidly that he needs a fresh impetus in his
life, hence the decision to hang up his gloves
and balaclavas.
“I just wanna have some fun in the remaining
two events coz I am retiring at the end of the
season. I have had a good five seasons and I
feel I have other things now.”-Rajbir.
Rajbir started his racing career with driving
buggies at Jamhuri Park prior to moving to
the 2WD class in his dad’s old VW Golf.



Finland’s Tapio Laukkanen scored his first ever hat-trick in Kenya by clinching victory in the KCB Eldoret Rally at the wheels of his familiar Subaru Impreza on Saturday.

Laukkanen’s efforts were almost thwarted after suffering two consecutive punctures and taking the risk of doing the remaining stages without a spare wheel.

The Finn was followed home by Manvir Baryan, who registered his best result in the Kenya National Rally Championship (KNRC) by taking the all-important second place.

Incidentally, Baryan is the official sponsor of the Finnish driver. Under Multiple Carriers, Laukkanen has been able to tackle the whole of the KNRC series since his debut nearly two years ago.

Baryan, driving a Ford Fiesta, was followed by Rajbir Rai in third place in a similar car. Incidentally, the first three out of the four positions were filled by the Ford Fiestas, with Carl Tundo grabbing the fifth position.


Jassi Chatthe suffered a major blow in his bid to retain the championship title for the second year running after his Mitsubishi Evo10 was time barred in the fourth stage due to power steering problems. There are only two rounds remaining.

Ian Duncan was among the biggest casualties of the competition after his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo10 came to an abrupt end with a blown turbo in the first stage of the rally.

“We could not continue with a damaged turbo though we had a spare one. It would have taken almost two hours to replace it. It is sad we had to pull out so early in the first stage of the day,” said Duncan.

The National Formula Two Class was won by Alex Lairangi in a Toyota Sprinter with its 17th position while his bitter rival, Eric Bengi, followed in 20th place driving a Toyota RunR. Natasha Tundo and Chantal Yound continue to perform well as the only all-female crew after finishing 19th in the competition.

Frigo Silvia proved to be the best-placed female navigator by guiding Conobbio Piero to the seventh place in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo10.
1. Tapio Laukannen (Subaru R4) 1h26m19s
2. Manvir Bryan (Ford Fiesta R4) 1h27m11s
3. Rajbir Rai (Ford Fiesta) 1h29m37s
4. Carl Tundo (Ford Fiesta Proto) 1h31m34s
5. Tejveer Rai (Evolution X) 1h33m57s
6. Amaanraj Rai (Evolution X) 1h34m15s
7. Piero Cannobio (Evolution 10) 1h35m16s
8. Jasmeet Chana (Evolution X) 1h35m58s
9. Mahesh Halai (Subaru N12) 1h38m28s
10. Asad Khan Kalulu (Subaru) 1h38m58s
11. Dennis Mwenda (Evolution 9) 1h40m12s
12. Onkar Rai (Evolution X) 1h40m38s
13.Taiti Wachira (Evolution) 1h40m50
14. John Nganga (Subaru) 1h41m10s
15. Kepher Walubi (Evolution) 1h46m10s
16. Osman Abdullahi 1h47m00s
17. Alex Lairangi (Toyota printer GT)
18. Jansher Sandhu (Evolution 9) 1h49m56s
19. Natasha Tundo (Subaru N10) 1h50m40s
20. Eric Bengi (Toyota RunX) 1h52m12s
21. Chandu Devji (Subaru GC8) 1h53m15s
22. Leonardo Varese 1h54m23s
23. Sammy Nyorri (ToyoyaRunX) 2h01m16s
24. Duncan Mubiru (Evolution X) 2h30m04s

1. Baldev Chager
2. Stephen Mwangi
3. Ramesh Vishram
4. Sam Karangatha
5. Jaspreet Chatthe
6. Izhar Mirza
7. Farhaaz Khan
8. Raaji Bharij
9. Ian Duncan
10. Edward Maina
11. Lodhia Miten
12. Umar Khalid



Stage set for KCB Eldoret Rally
-Event will traverse two counties namely Uasin
Gishu and Elgeyo Marakwet
-Rally will be organised by Western Kenya
Motor Club
-Scritineering and perc ferme will be at Sikh
Union Eldoret on October 7
-Flag off at KCB Eldoret Western Branch from
7am onwards on October 8
-Spectator stage and service will be at
Chemweno Farm on Moiben and finish at Iten
in Elgeyo Marakwet county.
-Total distance 258.80, Transport 111.30 &
Competitive 147.50.
Kcb Eldoret Map
KCB Eldoret Rally 2016
KCB Eldoret Rally 2016
1 Tapio Laukkanen 104
2 Jaspreet Chatthe 100
3 Ian Duncan 72
4 Rajbir Rai 61
5 Carl Tundo 51
6 Baldev Chager 49
7 Onkar Rai 48
8 Manvir Baryan 41
9 Mahesh Halai 20
10 Frank Tundo 16
11= Farhaaz Khan 15
11= Quentin Mitchell 15
11= Asad Khan 15
14= Karan Patel 12
14= Imran Mogul 12
16= Jasmeet Chana 11
16= Natasha Tundo 11
18 Izhar Mirza 10
19= Eric Njogu 9
19= Eric Bengi 9
19= Alex Lairangi 9
22 Tejveer Rai DNE 8
23= Chandrakant Devji 7
23= Leonardo Varese 7
23= Edward Maina 7
23= Ramesh Vishram 7
23= Osman Abdullahi 7
28= Amaanraj Rai 6
28= Jansher Sandhu 6
28= Sammy Nyorri 6
28= John Nganga 6
32= Adil Mirza 5
32= Josiah Kariuki 5
32= Steven Mwangi 5
35= Nikhil Sachania 3
35= Geoff Mayes 3
37= Jonathan Somen 2
37= Rehan Shah 2
37= Gurmit Thethy 2
37= Imran A Khan 2
37= Kimaru Boit 2
37= Jitendra Dhokia 2
37= Dinesh Sachania 2
37= Issa Amwari 2
37= Aakif Virani 2
37= Dilraj Chatthe 2
37= Dennis Mwenda 2
37= Ammar Haq 2

1 Gurdeep Panesar 111
2 Greg Stead 65
3 Amaar Slatch 64
4 Tim Jessop 62
5 Gareth Dawe 61
6 Ravi Soni 58
7= Ketan Halai 25
7= Tauseef Khan 25
9= Keith Henrie 21
9= Andrew Doig 21
11 Harshil Limbani 20
12= Steven Cook 18
12= Ravi Chana 18
14 Adnan Din 17
15 Kavit Dave 16
16 Zahir Shah 14
17 Chantal Young 13
18= Raju Chaggar 12
18= Tony Kimondo 12
20 Anthony Njenga 10
21 Anthony Gichohi 9
22= Gavin Laurence 8
22= Tuta Mionki 8
24= Julius Mwanchuya 7
24= Kigondu Kareithi 7
24= Steve Mbuthia 7
24= Evans Mwenda 7
24= Jonathan Kosgei 7
29= Feisal Khan 5
29= Salim Khan 5
29= Riyaz Ismail 5
29= John Ngugi 5
33 Richard Hechle 4
34= Tony Gikuhi 3
34= Kashif Shaikh 3
34= Azhar Bhatti 3
34= Jamie Mactavish 3
38= Steven Nyorri 2
38= Atul Kochaar 2
38= George Kiama 2
38= Shakeel Khan 2
38= Taiti Wachira 2
38= Saima Khan 2
38= Edward Njoroge 2
38= Mwangi Waithaka 2
38= Rohit Bhudia 2
38= Victor Okundi 2
38= Job Njiru DNE2
38= James Mwangi 2
38= Mwangi Kioni 2

1 Eric Bengi 100
2 Alex Lairang’i 95
3 Leonardo Varese 68
4 Sammy Nyorri 63
5 Gurmit Thethy 15

1 Anthony Gichohi 95
2 Tuta Mionki DNE 75
3 Kigondu Kareithi 68
4 Mwangi Waithaka 42
5 Tony Gikuhi 25
6 Steven Nyorri 21
7 Harshil Limbani 15
Image Courtesy Of Anwar Sidi
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